Facebook has added an "Authorship" feature

Last Update: June 26, 2015

Facebook has just implemented a new feature to let you follow authors of content you particularly like and, perhaps more importantly, allowing people to follow *your* Facebook posts.

"Facebook has released a new "authorship" feature that's powered by the Author meta tag. If this sounds remarkably similar to Google's Authorship which was shuttered last year, that's because it is.

With a simple meta tag, writers and publishers can now indicate the author profile or publishing page for any given piece of content. The result is a linked name attached to any shares of that content on Facebook that allows viewers to see the author and potentially follow them."

"As a blogger, this is an incredibly powerful way for me to spread my "personal brand" right alongside the content that I'm creating.

Now, anytime my content is shared to Facebook, whether it's by me or by one of my readers, that share will include my name right on the share, even if that person didn't think to mention me.

While this is designed to call attention to authors of content, you can choose to link to a branded Facebook Page instead of a profile if you wish. More on that in a moment."

For a complete description of how to use this feature and get people following your posts on Facebook, see this article:


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