Last Update: October 07, 2014

I do music improvisations that I post to a site every event that goes from every Thursday night to Saturday night. There are times I'm very inspired and have a well of ideas and other times where I'm much less. I try to be consistent in posting at least 2 a week, so what do I do when less inspired? And what do I do as I've given myself an "assignment" to do them.

If we here are giving ourselves an assignment to work on our blogs, create content, maybe tweak a few site elements around or add categories or even edit out "bloat" some days we may sit to work and just feel like it's not happening, it's meh, it's forced but nothing really is improved or substance added.

I've found with music just listening to other music helps. But not only other music, sometimes watching a movie that contains music, or doing something seemingly unrelated can get me rearing to go or get the juices flowing and then the work flowing.

We here at the community have so many sites/blogs on various niches. I think if we were to peruse or spend good time at them, sometimes related to ours or not directly related to but some element exist, that is good inspiration for our own work. Even if we aren't commenting on them, or providing feedback, we are seeing what others are doing and some of their ideas on organization, content, integration and all else that make up sites can inspire us.

And look for subtlety to. If someone has a theme like yours how does how they use it differ from you? Maybe it is placement of images or adding them in some way, how ads are placed, how links are presented, headings, maybe a small tweak was made to a color or font that makes a huge difference in personalizing their blog. Maybe that one little thing that just wasn't there for yours, in any way, content, appearance, organization, you've found someone else has done that makes you go—aha!

To inspired work!


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KevinCR Premium
Great idea Ben! Thanks for sharing.
jazminf Premium
Great post Ben, thank you for the inspiration. Very good ideas:)
gohealthy Premium
Thanks for your inspiration. Yes, sometimes we feel so busy that we forget to look around. Great reminder !
Sui_generis Premium
We feed off each other and inspire each other. Look at your competition on Google too. ~Debbi
CarlaIves Premium
Yes, to inspired work! I always take a look when I see someone using the same theme I do. Maybe there is something there I can use!