4 Month Update and more.

Last Update: April 29, 2016

Hello WA,

It has been a while since I have done any blogs on WA, mainly because the writing I do get out go on my site. Things are moving along. Do I wish I was making more money, sure, but I'm not going to give up; I did finish the certification courses. I will one day do the affiliate boot camp as well. I want to get everything I can out of WA.

I have and continue to watch some of Jay's training videos in the Live Video Classes section. I started at the top and worked my way down. It's fun learning about IM and getting great tips.

My main goal, other than getting more content on my site, is to recruit at least 2 people to this awesome opportunity. This will pay my monthly payment and allow me to stick around. I love helping others out because we should all pay it forward and I believe if you help others, great things will happen to you.

The most important thing I can tell any newbies is to Invest in You and Your Business. We are all struggling to make ends meet these days, but if you believe you can achieve. Just keep going and make it happen. Don't waste this great learning opportunity by rushing through the lessons and skipping the to-do lists.

Some of the questions that are being asked are in the videos. Don't get me wrong, if you have a question, ask. I like easy questions. But I feel that this is a disservice to you and your business. You will also have to step outside of WA and get more training on things like SEO and Google Webmaster and Analytics Tools. This is a benefit for you to know about these tools. If you are going to do this, then do it all the way.

Become An Online Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Specialist...Do it all. Tons of free information out there. WA is just the start of what I hope to accomplish.

Thank You WA and WA'ers for all the help and training. This opportunity isn't going to waste.

Don't Give Up. Keep Pushing Forward. Success is around the corner!

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JonStevens Premium
Great advice!
Amasonmarket Premium
Thanks for your write up. Be blessed.
bjdluna Premium
Thanks for the great advice and positive attitude. l really need something positive now because i have been going thru some bad experiences that have brought me down and at the same time made me spend way too much money probably trying to buy my way into something successful but it was such a huge waste and made me huge debt that is really depressing. but I am facing up to it now and know that I have purchased all of these things buit must focus on them one at a time or I don't have a chance to succeed. Sorry about that whining but I am trying my best to focus on one of my web sites and even submitted an article to EzineArticles. I would like to submit it to Street Articles but for some reason Street Articles looks like it is being blocked by adblocker that I have even disabled so I am going to put that as a question to all. Sorry this turned out to be a long comment . Thanks for your post it was inspiring to me and made me wish that I had gone that route and been more patient and less stupid.
bmontes Premium
I imagine a lot of us here have lost money trying to make it online. I have learned the hard way. No scamming here. No promises. Up to you to make it happen. That is how I like it. Sounds like you are moving along nicely. Keep going. I have faith it will happen to those who push forward.
david317 Premium
It's good too get things off chest if it takes posting them thats fine you could be helping someone else at the same time .slow down take your time focus on one thing at a time follow your steps im moving like a turtle I have so much going on getting in where I fit in im not trying to make it happen like magic I know I made a investment want to take care of it like aged old wine .you'll be ok just learn from mistakes and improve adapt and reinvent yourself.and follow your training manual step by step.
bjdluna Premium
Yes, I wish I didn't have to go through all that stupidness but I did so now I'm climbing out of it.
Thanks for your comment,
LizPB Premium
Great advice and good work ;-) Keep it up!
Mac01 Premium
Yup, keep pushing forward and you'll do well man!