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Last Update: Oct 18, 2020

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My fellow co- WA members Howdy,

Nice to be back here again. I had been so busy with too many issues happening lately. I have had been how many days now that got a bad headache that Can't think straight to the point what the plan for a day to day works. Added to that we had a major problem in our house where the Water Heater broke 4 days ago. Too much work added to what the work in front of me. Do I complain, yes because I am human that easy to be tired. Working more than 50 hours a week not healthy for me at all.

Writing Blogs, contents, taking video and support cant be done if your body tired. Your mind so empty to think what need to be done first. What need to write at all. Where you will start, what you want to write.

I had a project big time that I loss this. How many pages I wrote that I weren't able to save at all. Hard to back again to do all the research and collects all the data. Work related, so stressful and not safe to work every day at all. It seems like, everything twist up side down.

That might be the reason of why I got a bad headache. Can't stay longer in front of computer. From work computer then come back home again in front of computer.

I not want to bring a homework. I am behind in people's review. Can't do reviews while too many people bagging me, meeting to attend. Hard to write a review of a people that you know you can't pin point directly how this person performance.

Why, do I share this in here. Not related to who we are as an Affiliate Marketer. My point of view, this is only one of the example of how we can Manage our time, How we can work in our project. How we can meet in our deadline.

Finding good niche to our Website take us too long to think. Writing a content in our website take us too long to finish. Most especially if your Website coming from scratch. Website that on the first place you are not passionate to do. You are starting to learn how to make a website, of your own. You don't want to spent extra money to pay for the extra work.

Too many of you in here in this situation right now. I had been on that situation. Yes, up to now I am still learning. I am very happy to see I have a website. Not running actively, a lot of issues to fix. That, I am not give-up those websites because that is coming from hard work. My training and learning in here.

My dear fellow new WA members don't give-up. Take your time to learn, study and read all great information in here. Don't hesitate to ask question. We are here to help each other. You are in the real and right platform to learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketers.

Greetings from,

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Working a job and life issues will always be there. Never give up! Just do a little everyday!

Thank you Pamela. I will take this opportunity to welcome you here in WA platform.



Awesome, Nila! I will NEVER give up!


Yeah Jeff, I know you are full of determination and courage what so ever it take. So, do I :)

Have a pleasant day out there,


AWESOME, Nila! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, my friend!


Yes... there are many challenges and life gets in the way but what we REALLY want in life fonds a way to reveal itself.

You are 101% correct Mark.



Life can toss a lot of obstacles in our way, which can make meeting our personal goals difficult. Luckily, with affiliate marketing, your site will always be here, patiently ready for you to work on it. Remember, when it comes to your site, any deadlines are self-imposed. You will no doubt make it through all this and come out great on the other side.

Hello Jean, yes it is true a lot of obstacle along the way. Just give moving and learn more to be a successful one.



Hope you will catch up on it.

Thank you Mheriam, for dropping a words in here.

Best of luck,


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