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Hello to all my co-WA members, HowdyWake -up very early the morning today again. Looking something to inspired my day despite non stopping issues and problems along the way.Every day, I try to be here checking while reading few of your blogs, clicks some training. Very quiet, not participating in most of the discussion as what I were doing before. Fall apart to think the reality of life. If you will notice as of today, we are top when it comes to covid-19 viruses. We are torn apart that most of
My fellow co- WA members Howdy,Nice to be back here again. I had been so busy with too many issues happening lately. I have had been how many days now that got a bad headache that Can't think straight to the point what the plan for a day to day works. Added to that we had a major problem in our house where the Water Heater broke 4 days ago. Too much work added to what the work in front of me. Do I complain, yes because I am human that easy to be tired. Working more than 50 hours a week not hea
Hello my comrade members hereWoke -up this morning too early again although has no Saturday overtime. Most of the people if they don't have or nothing to do the next morning/or day they stay late in their bed. Not, unlike me that what the time need to get-up always the same freaking day. :) Just to think has a lot of plans in my mind to do. Embed in my mind last night in chronological orders.1.Grind and make a coffee -need a cup of coffee.2. Allocate at least 4 hours of my time online3. Bastin
My fellow WA co-members morning to all of you,Please help me to celebrate my 2nd years of Anniversary here in WA platform. This is the hard part of being me what need to write in here. My mind not working right at all. But I try to be positive while key punching of words. I am not yet re-subscribe my premium in here. I have few more hours to decide to go Monthly or yearly. If possible I will re-subscribe,still go for the yearly subscription. Has a big discount still Kyle and Carlson offer to me
Morning my friends and co-WA members hereJust passing by to say hello to all of youhas a 6am work in Midwest time zoneWanted to update my day to day life in hereIt has been awhile not writing any blog We are back to a busy month at workFor another three months and a half no more Pre-Authorized Time Off for those who needed it.I just try my best to keep learning and digging what really the internet money in hereMy subscription here almost expired in three days time.If you will not see me for awh
Morning my fellow co-WA members,Happy Saturday and a great Labor week-end to all of you. I have been in front of my computer for more than 5 hours now. My goals to have at least 5 Affiliates to join today. I have already three so far. Why I really needed this aside Wealthy Affiliate.I guess as an Affiliate Marketer. We will grow also in joining some Affiliates program.Those Affiliates program offering free to join and give Fair Sales Commission.A lot of learning processes to do so. I want to la
My fellow WA- members and friends, HowdayJust back home doing some exercises in my favorite place. A lovely morning for me to share to all of you guys. The very ambiance morning in a 54 degrees weather. "Where" started wearing my long sleeve active wear. So nice the feeling of sweating in a 1 hour and 15 minutes jogs, walk, dance and bending in a railing rail of the porch Falls park. The place so quiet and not many people visiting the place 6 am of Sunday here. I am doing this for 5 years now.
Hello to all my co-WA members & friends,Help me to congratulate myself reach and completed the 10 full lessons of learning. Take a moment to give a deserved pat to myself on the back. Although, I was stuck for how many months. I try my best to back in training and learning. That help me a lot to understand further what is Affiliates Marketing all about. This is a marathon but not a sprint for me to say. My next step in here try to work in my website that never been updated for more than a y
Hello my co-WA members and friends,Happy to share my badge of accomplishment here in Wealthy Affiliates platform. I can't imagine how I work in my internet network. Not being active for how many months. I remembered back here in Wealthy Affiliate month of June. Try to hang-on in here in a couple of minutes, hour to participate in some discussion. Reading others blogs and post few of personal blogs. My rank from month of June to present dragging down from 5 digits to two. Not that bad for me to
Hello my dear co-WA members hereI am here again trying to write some important post with regards my membership in here. Happy to know Kyle and Carson remind me ahead of time. My membership actually is automated before. But since last year I decided to stay away for a while in here. I wanted actually to cancel my membership since last year. But it is too late to do so. I already notices late that deducted in my checking account. The reason last year why I wanted to cancelled my membership fee,