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Hi All,

I am basically an Electrical Engineer and was working in the Electrical Engineering field quite a long time back. I switched to software field in between and stayed in that for more than 10 years now.

I have written a lot of decent quality content as a Ghost writer to many people in the web without knowing how they are making money out of it. I did some research on that and found out all the jargon related to internet marketing. I thought instead of writing content for others, why not write for my own site and make money out it.

Thought was just thought, without any action till recently. Although I have been a member of WA for more than 2 years, I couldn't get into any action on that part due to some other work. But learn't a lot here although I know 60% of them before I even came here to WA. But only here I came to know that IT IS possible to really make money online. (although I am yet to make it). But I am sure with consistent ACTION, it is possible. WA boosts my confidence day by day. I love being around here in WA as learning is a continuous process.

Will definitely inform you all if I make any breakthrough.

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