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Last Update: April 10, 2014

Don't Keep Your Old Articles Locked in a Prison

As I was perusing through Google+ posts this morning I came across a great post by Peg Fitzpatrick (originally written by Kevan Lee).

At some point while creating pages and posts for our website we all experience a rut. Some call it writers block. I call it "The Content Black Hole". We want so badly to come up with another "new" idea to write about but the more we think the more we slip into this ever growing abyss of mental nothingness.

There are many ways to find inspiration. Often times the best things to write about have been, not so much in front of our faces, but rather locked away in our archives. Kevan Lee discusses 12 Ways to Extend the Life of Every Article You Write.

I just booked marked this today and I will reference it often. Read the Full Article at the link below:


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Bill67 Premium
Thanks Blas I saved this one
Karyskis Premium
Thank you so much for sharing this information.
nomari357 Premium
Good advice. I've made note of the link and I'll take a look.
masirois Premium
Great idea - especially if you have writer's block one day :)