It's Been about a Month

Last Update: October 13, 2015

Hey Everyone. Hope you are learning something new everyday.

As of my progress and how far I have come since I first learned of Affiliate Marketing. I have learned so much! I'm just wondering how many more courses are there because I hope they never end!

I have seen Kyle and a lot of others saying that the more time you spend on your website the better. That's what i just have to keep in mind while i continue this campaign.

I also went from 100k+ to 878 in less than a month in my rankings. I'm proud of myself i really want to work at home and be successful. LETSSS GOOO!

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lycefair Premium
Keep up the good work
BillyHunter Premium
Thank you alll! I hope all of you are having fun and learning as much as possible too!
Pisquali Premium
Keep the momentum Billy, great stuff.
Judy-B Premium
You are doing great. Keep it going. :)
AngelsBird Premium
I wish you a lot of luck and dedication...
But mostly: keep having fun, for me that is also the most important part and time brings the answer... ;-)