The Ground Work is in place !

Last Update: September 23, 2016
  • Certification Courses 1 & 2 completed.
  • Initial phase of my website, with 6 pages and 13 posts, completed with a great deal of satisfaction.
  • Capturing of leads for future emails, in place.
  • Building of followers and those to follow, ongoing, within WA and G+.
  • Viewing of past video classes, ongoing (thanks Jay, many times over + other members).
  • Monitoring of site by Google and Bing, in place ( still need to educate myself on utilization).
  • Tasks ahead - 1) marketing of site
  • 2) adding content
  • 3) build traffic
  • 4) start making money !!!!

Thanks to so many of my fellow members for their help, both thru their Live Chats and requested help, as well as their blogs.

I would appreciate any comments re my site (on the site or here @ WA)

Suggestions, including those having to do with present and future content material are very welcomed.


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MPollock Premium
You are doing great.
onmyownterms Premium
Great progress, thanks for sharing.