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I felt it important to bring this article, recently published in the Los Angeles Times, to your attention. This goes against the rules of pasting other content here, at WA.However, I don't know of another way to bring this to your attention. When you read it you will realize how major our affiliate marketing is becoming and how this impacts our endeavors. There's money to be made in linking to Shan LiThe New York Times spent $30 million to buy two product review websites, the Wirecutt
September 26, 2016
Yesterday I went on google to see my website,, and discovered a site near the bottom of the 2nd page : Top Version Shop Websites.Clicking on it led to info/statistics and a value of my site, at this time. Has anyone seen this ? Maybe your site is there also !
September 23, 2016
Certification Courses 1 & 2 completed.Initial phase of my website, with 6 pages and 13 posts, completed with a great deal of satisfaction.Capturing of leads for future emails, in place.Building of followers and those to follow, ongoing, within WA and G+.Viewing of past video classes, ongoing (thanks Jay, many times over + other members).Monitoring of site by Google and Bing, in place ( still need to educate myself on utilization).Tasks ahead - 1) marketing of site 2) a
August 31, 2016
I'm at the point now that my foundation of knowledge has grown so much that I am proud of myself. I've completed the first 2 courses, constructed my website ( and now look forward to the marketing phase which, hopefully, sets me up to begin the next step, earning money. I constructed my site so that it would prove to be of value to the many dog lovers around the world, not just to monetize it. I started this journey this past February. Little did I know that it would all co
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February 08, 2016
Excited, a little apprehensive but looking forward to my 3rd career as I become a premium member and start moving forward. Next month I'll be 78 years young and I have a new horizon to explore. So, online world, here I come !