I Should Have Listened To My Gut

Last Update: May 31, 2018

I went back to work just for a couple of days a week to try and earn some money to save for a holiday, when travelling back home from the interview I had a bad feeling in my stomach.

I worked two days the first week and one day the second week, after that day I went to the doctors feeling very ill and was sent to the hospital.

The doctor thought I was having a stroke, after a week in hospital I had an MRI scan which came back clear, I and very pleased to say.

I am now back at home and will not be going back to the job, instead I will be devoting a lot more time to my Internet business.

The next time I will listen to the gut.

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JeannineC Premium
Glad you're okay! That had to be scary for sure.
dchapman3 Premium
Listen to that gut and pursue what makes you happy and fulfilled.
AlexEvans Premium
Wow that would be a shock Bill, pleased to here that you are ok. Good move making that decision to work more hours on your online business.
Kerjackie Premium
Hi, Bill, you feel better now, everyone is happy for you, you made a great decision to join the best community.
I wish you the best of luck.
skandy85 Premium Plus
Glad you are back safe and sound.