What Determines Success?

Last Update: August 15, 2020

What determines success?

You do. The action you take today will influence what you do tomorrow.

Your definition of success depends on what you want to accomplish in your life. Your definition of success will be different from mine. I want to leave a successful internet business to my daughter so she can retire and live comfortably as she grows older.

My middle daughter is a historian. She wants to share her knowledge of Hawaiian History with the public. Her success will be defined by the number of people she is able to reach and the degree to which she is able to influence how Hawaiian History is taught in our schools. She wants to teach in the local community college. That requires a Master’s Degree which she will acquire through internet classes at the University of Hawaii.

Success is different for different phases of our lives.

Our success will be different for various phases of our life. For me, on a scale of 1-10, I rank my family life as a 9. We did things together as a family. Our children learned to love the outdoors and to care for our environment. The kids have good values to guide their lives.

In my career as a forester I give myself a 6. As Protection Forester on the staff of the State Forester I taught wild land fire management to first responders statewide. No one was seriously injured on my watch and many of the young foresters I taught advanced to implement many of the policies I taught.

In my personal life I continue to study and grow. My goal is to help people live more resiliently, find their calling and leverage the internet to achieve their goals. My success will be determined by how many people I can help. I'm building my business infrastructure and guiding my clients to their success. In this area of my life I rank my self a 5.

Some people devote their lives to religion, others focus their lives on making money. I believe a balanced life must include my personal life, my family life, my work, my spiritual life and my community service.

Where you focus your efforts will determine how you live your life.

You cannot know what success will mean to you until you decide what you want to accomplish in your life. Once you know what you want to accomplish you can develop a strategy to succeed.

COVID-19 has shown that depending on one source of income, a job, is high risk. Currently, there are over 4 million people out of work in the USA and 1000s of small businesses will never survive the closures.

Everyone needs a business

Everyone needs a business that can provide a passive income based on multiple sources of income. Many people join Wealthy Affiliates and never do anything with the opportunity.

That is not necessarily bad. I hung around WA for six months looking for the scam. I never found it. In those first six months I completed the first lesson. I became convinced WA provided valuable training, and I finally joined as a premium member. In that six months I completed the first lesson and had my website up and I was starting to promote it

Take Action

You are here at WA because you want to learn how understanding the internet can benefit you. The first action you must take is join WA and build your first website. As a free member WA will host your website and teach you how to create your website. You will experience the quality of the WA platform. Then you can decide whether want to leverage the internet to achieve your goals.

If you want to make changes in you life, you have to change what you are doing. Ask your self, "Is what I am doing with this moment in my life the best thing I can do?"It is your life. Use it well.

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Debbi26 Premium
I think this is the KEY point: "Where you focus your efforts will determine how you live your life." Every single decision you make will affect your life in one way or another.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Sometimes, my action is nothing more than planting the seed until I can get back around to see if there is a sprout (after watering my idea a little, of course!)

Enjoy your weekend, Bill!

SamiWilliams Premium
I agree that taking a minute to evaluate what is happening. Appreciate that and know that if changes are needed you can do it. If going ahead as you have been, that is possible as well.
Sometimes we get lax about doing a self check, and let someone else's idea of success sneak in. It is important to be true to yourself.
Thanks for the share,
MelWaller Premium
Thanks for sharing Bill!

How i make website
MelWaller Premium
Jump into the training and you will learn how to build a successful website(s) Rahmatullah.