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January 23, 2021
eMail Management ProtocolMy computer got dementia. It had been automatically logging in to WA for four years. Suddenly it told me it didn't recognize my email. It took my a week to figure out how to get support when I couldn't log in. Support told me my user name, but they could not give me a password. Now, I tried to change my password but the password link was sent to an eamail I could on access through WA. Catch 22. I use 1Password for everything I need to encrypte. Fortunately, the logi inf
December 08, 2020
I got the following warning from mu CRM (Contact Resource Manager):Don't get locked out of your account! Please confirm that is still the right address for you. Anyone with access to this email address can access your CRM and its data by resetting your password. If you ever forget your password, the only way you can log into your CRM account is by resetting your password using this email address. You could be permanently locked
November 14, 2020
Find the Afternoon Live TrainingI tried to find Jay's webinar today and it took me 15 minutes. I couldn't find him through the dashboard. I finally found an email inviting me to the training and clicked on the link.Turns out Jay is hidden by a lot of other great trainers in the classes I have available as a Pro member. OK, as a Pro member I find Jay by clicking on Classes and then scrolling through the training till I find him. That is a bit of a hassle. The better way is to go to the calendar
November 12, 2020
After trying everthing MailChimp to Aweber and a half dozen others in between I have finally settled on TrafficWave. It is a flat rate autoresponder that includes an affiliate program.Most autoresponders charged based on the size of your mailing list. What you are charged escalates quickly depending on the size of your list, so it is important to have products to promote before starting to build a list.The flat rate payment plan used by TrafficWave makes it possible for me to grow my list while
Why Wealth AffiliateI've been with WA since 2013. I've come from a rank beginner using WIX to an expert Internet Marketer and web designer thanks to WA training and member support. There is no better, no BS, training on the internet.Wealthy Affiliate University has just upgraded their platform to provide expanded training and tools to help you run your online business. I'm excited to be a pro at WA.Aloha,Bill Sager, Hawaii
September 05, 2020
Internet Marketing For Local Business.Effective use of the internet is important for every Business.The emphasis is on Effective. What businesses often fail to understand is most people search for what they want using their cell phones. Google My Business (GMB) is key to getting found in a cell phone search. It is the new yellow pages and it is free. Next in importance are business directives like Yelp and Linkedin.It is important that the information in these directories be exactly the same as
August 15, 2020
What determines success? You do. The action you take today will influence what you do tomorrow.Your definition of success depends on what you want to accomplish in your life. Your definition of success will be different from mine. I want to leave a successful internet business to my daughter so she can retire and live comfortably as she grows older.My middle daughter is a historian. She wants to share her knowledge of Hawaiian History with the public. Her success will be defined by the number
I routinely check members profiles to see if they have a website. If they do, I study it to see what I can learn. Jay's football snack helmets is #3 on Google Page one after eBay and Amazon. Two years ago I watched him build the site. It's all recorded under live events. It is amazing how much the site has evolved since then.His Affiliate Resources site is a review of any money making program on the internet. For instance, he reviews an MLM program with a call to action to join WA at the end of
I posted a thought for the day on Twitter and immediately went to my home page to see what it lookd like. I went down a black hole and an hour latter dug myself out. I never found my post I wonder if any of my friends did.I always announce a blog post I mqke on Facebook and twitter. Are they lost in cyber heaven? 95% of what I see on social media is ads.I try to limit my time on social media to less than half an hour a day. I have to ask, are there better things I can do with that half hour tha
I keep a bullet Journal.When I was working I was the techincal writer for our organization. Technical Writer wasn’t in my job description. It just happened because I could put words together that made sense even under the strict style guidelines of our organization, I had to write governmentease.Now I’m a blogger. The writing style is completely different and far more relaxed, Still the New York Times Style Guide is a pretty good tool if you want to write well and be understood.My