Last Update: December 08, 2020

I got the following warning from mu CRM (Contact Resource Manager):

Don't get locked out of your account!

Please confirm that XXX@XXX.com is still the right address for you.

Anyone with access to this email address can access your CRM and its data by resetting your password. If you ever forget your password, the only way you can log into your CRM account is by resetting your password using this email address. You could be permanently locked out of your LACRM account if you lose access to this listed email address!

Now think about that!

It is not only my CRM that has that security flaw. Anyone who knows what email I used to create any account can login to that account using my email address, change my password and not only lock me out of that account but they will have access to my account. That must be one reason banks require second level security where they send a code to you smart phone and require you to enter the code before they will log you in.

Now, I use my google email address to log into accounts I consider low security accounts. Google will arbitrarily and without recourse close your GMail account. They have zero tolerance for SPAMers and will close your account based on one accusation of SPAMing.

I had it happen to a client. I warned her. She ignored my warning. She was a politician. A member of her opposition joined her Google mailing list, claimed she was being spammed, Google shut down her list, and she lost her election.


  • If you use a Gmail email address to login to any URL, Google can and will shut down your email account with no warning and no recourse.
  • My email list is the most important business asset I own. I want to maintain control of it. I use a bulk email provider for all my important lists.
  • For banking and other high security accounts I am immediately changing my email address to one of my WA email address. If there is a problem, I will at least have WA's excellent support team to talk too.
  • If your date is important to you, back it up on media you control.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow, Bill! Definitely something to think about!
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for sharing
IamTracy Premium
Thanks for sharing this useful information :)
MarionBlack Premium
One more thing, Bill. Create an extra Admin user so you have more than login email address so if anything happens to one of them you've got the other to fall back on.
MarvH Premium
Thanks for sharing. A good thing to know about.