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Last Update: January 23, 2016

Confuse about using key words?

Long tail key words are phrases people search on so spaces are important. Using Jaaxy, howtopicktherightgolfballforme gets nothing and "how to pick the right golf ball for me" also ranks poorly. "How to pick" and "How to pick the right" are popular search terms, but they are very competitive long tail key words and will be very hard to rank.

Many people search for their URL and are pleased when they find it rank number 1 on Google. If you search for you domain name of course it will come up number one because it is unique. That is a mistake many people make. I ask prospects how their websites rank and they say it is number one. Trouble is people do not know what your URL is, so they cannot search on it.

They may search for "help pick golf ball." Jaaxy says that phrase gets <10 searches a month. However, Jaaxy recommends these phrases:

pick right golf ball for me
pick golf ball
pick golf ball
pick the right golf ball for me
picking golf ball
picking right golf ball
pick right golf ball me
pick the right golf ball
pick right golf ball

Be sure to use a phrase that fits correctly in your content. "Picking golf ball" cannot be woven smoothly into your content while "help me pick the right golf ball" will sound natural when you use it in your article.

Jaaxy also gives you the following alternatives to dig into.

Related Brainstorm
how do i pick the right golf ball
do you pick right compression golf ball
how pick to find the right golf ball for me
tool picking up golf balls
understanding pick golf ball
pick best golf ball your game
pick best golf ball
picking right golf ball play
pick compression golf ball
help me hit straighter golf ball
help driving golf ball
part golf ball helps it spin
best golf balls 2013 help slicing
golf ball pick up bags
golf ball topping helps
golf ball pick up accessories

Jaaxy is a great time saver. I search key words for every article, post and page I write. It is a must have program so far as I am concerned.

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Awesome post.Thanks for sharing.
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Yes, Jaaxy is indeed our friend :)
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Can't wait till I'm a bit better off, and csn afford to get it.
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It is a trade off. Time and frustration vs vital information quick. You only need 3 to use Jaaxy through you affiliate link and it is free. Hint, Hint.
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