How I Found Success With Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: Aug 31, 2017


Many wonder how to make it with this affiliate marketing business... I know that for a fact because I was always wondering how to make it as well.

I would stress because I wanted to see proof that money could actually be made with it.

So... like what you are all doing here, I went through all the training, both the certification courses, and the affiliate bootcamp.

Of course while I was going through the certification course, I was completing all the tasks that were involved.

I added content when it said too, I added every page that the training recommended, and by course 4 I believe, I made my first Amazon commission.

It wasn't much, it was like $4... but that was the proof I was waiting for.

I was so motivated, I finished the certification training within a couple of days.

When I got to the Affiliate Bootcamp training, I created a whole new site that was strictly to promote WA.

Again, I did everything it said to do!

The only thing that was hard about the affiliate bootcamp, was the fact that the niche is in the make money online/ from home.

It's a tough niche to get into, due to the fact that there are thousands of people in that exact niche!

The only reason why I went fourth with the bootcamp, was simply because I love a challenge.

When I was done with all the training, I just kept going with adding content to my site, and finding ways to beat the competition.

Well, I'm happy to tell you, that after 4 months of hard work and publishing everyday, sometimes twice a day, my site is finally ranked well on Google, and you could find many of my articles ranked on Page 1.

So the key to making it with this affiliate marketing business, whether it be a regular niche site, or a make money online niche site, is to stay consistent with publishing articles.

Content Is KING!

Google puts everyone here through a test, and that test is to see if you could be a trusted site that produces good content frequently.

Once you prove you belong, you'll see your articles ranking on Google almost instantly!

And with your articles gaining good rank with Google, that equals more money rolling into your pocket at a consistent rate.

This thing called affiliate marketing works, you just have to put in the time and effort to see good results.

I believe everyone here could create a great affiliate marketing business, there's more than enough room on Google for everyone to make money!

I wish you all great success and look forward to seeing you all on Google ;)

Happy Blogging!


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Inspirational, Jaime! Congratulations on staying with it to the end and being proactive all the way.


Thank you Terry very much :) Good luck to you with all you do here my friend and I wish you nothing but great success :)

Thank you for writing this post, it was really motivating for me..

No problem at all, and I'm happy to hear it motivated you :)

So are you saying I don't need to make a web site?

Yes you do need to make a website my friend. If you follow the certification training located within the green tab off to your left, you'll get all the directions you need :)

A Website is essential, how else you want to brand yourself or be an affiliate marketer, without a website no go at all. :)

Hi Jaime, thank you, that is interesting to read, I have just started building my website, I will take your advice about content

No problem at all :)

You'll do great things if you stick with the training. We all started from the bottom here and worked our way up, you can do it!

Thanks again Jaime, I will keep on with the excellent training too

I'm excited to see your success stories :)

Really, I need it explained different, I'm not getting it!

Hi, Jaime.
Good post and thanks

Thank you, I appreciate it :) Have a good one and good luck to you with your online business.

I do wish you the same Jaime.

I appreciate that very much.

Hello,I'm so confused???? I don't understand what to do, I cant even build my website. Can someone please help ?

Are you following along with the training if you don't mind me asking?

I thought I was, Its really hard doing this on my phone!!! I just got a laptop, but no WiFi at my house....errrrrr make it hard

Great Jaime. The thing now is to leverage your success so far to bring in traffic and monetization!

Thank you my friend :)

And yes, the train doesn't stop here, the work still continues for me everyday.

Congrats Jamie. Job well done. You inspire me man.

Thank you my friend, I really appreciate it :)

Great article! I always love hearing the step by step how someone made it work. I'm a mom of three kids who have been trying to make this state home thing work for 10 years. I'm doing exactly what they're telling me to do too I am very encouraged by your post thanks again!

Just keep following the training, you'll get there. I'm a now stay at home father of 3 kids as well, so I know what you are going through. Keep striving for the top and you'll make it.

That's awesome! I hope to be sucessful to and I liked your post!

Thank you, and you will be if you put in the time and work needed :)

I believe you could do it!

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