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Last Update: September 13, 2018

Do You Know your Images can rank too?

Google do has it's own SERPs for images for any keyword, as well. When you click on the image tab in Google, you can search for any keyword to get images related to that search phrase. Clicking on the Image takes you to the web page the image is attached to, so this is a another great way to increase website traffic.

Does it sound crazy?

Therefore, here's tips that can boost your image and help make it rank and contribute by drawing traffic.

  • Effective keyword use in your images's file name as well as in it's "alt text" tag can do a lot for telling google search engine exactly what your file is about. In a nutshell always rename images you want to use for a post before download and it's very simple to use your keyword in the alt text tag using wordpress.
  • The keywords around your image are next in terms of importance. Always use your image's keyword around your main keyword to help Google identify what keyword should be associated with and trigger that image.
  • The better which that web page ranks for it's keyboard, the better that the image on that page will rank for it's keyword.
  • The more people do link your image on your site, i.e you have several webmasters linking to your image (as opposed to their stealing your image and pasting it on their own site it will help it rank too)
  • Here's the last but a great speculative factor, the larger the image, the better it will rank. Why? Becauuse larger images have more pixels and will be of higher quality than smaller ones which will appear more grainy. It works in providing the best user experience.Google always wants to serve the highest quality/size images first and foremost in response to a search query.

It does work always


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linda956 Premium
Thank you for sharing and giving us much to think about.
Bibian2 Premium
Your welcome Linda.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Bibian,
Thanks for sharing! They always say a picture is worth a thousand words!! and in this case it is!!!

Tried and True

Bibian2 Premium
Yeah it really worth a million.

Your welcome.
firstlearn Premium
Thanks for sharing this Bibian. It is something I have not taken into consideration before.

Bibian2 Premium
Your welcome, explore and discover too.
MKearns Premium
It's interesting how texted keywords can be interfaced with visuals (images)
Bibian2 Premium
Thanks, Mike. It is important to bear it in mind