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February 20, 2018
Newbie To Super I wish to let you know that the type of training we received here at Wealthy Affiliate has really done a great thing for me. After all these while when I thought the whole set is closed on me just because I was not doing things right but I must tell you that I have made a huge progress. I have built yet another website which is up and running.I am So happy that my third website has been ranked greatly in Google. I am so proud of Kyle and Carson together with the
February 14, 2018
My Second WebsiteIt is heard for me to believe that I could build a website of my own when I newly started. Look at me today despite all odds I was able to build the first website which is now up and running.Today I am lunching the second .com of my own by name I am so fascinated in what Wealthy Affiliate market has got to offer. Education, guidance, good community, insensitive to name but a few.I couldn't have been able to achieve so far if not the help of the goo
November 24, 2017
I wish to say this that I am a regular user of sitecontent platform now. I love it. The site content moderates your writes.Gives you motivation to write on and shows instntly how many headings you have put in a topic, how many words and how many paragraphs you have created.Setting a TargetBefore you start using this site it will ask you to set you target such as;How many topics do you want to write on in a week?When do you wish to finish your first topicWhat would be the volume of your workThe
October 12, 2017
I have just achieve a certificate 4 in my Wealthy Affiliate certificate training. I am happy that I am moving on. Forward ever.I than you my community in helping me in achieving the much I have done.Hoping to do more in future.
September 25, 2017
Wealthy Affiliate ManagersI must recommend our faithful managers on their thoughtfulness concerning the community here in Wealthy Affiliate. The type of plugins they provide here save us from a lot of trouble knowingly or unknowingly.My OrdealYou know that updating plugins is easy than updating the WordPress installation. So whenever I open my administrative area and find out that my WordPress needs updating my heart would skip because of what I experienced the first day I updated my wordpress,
June 28, 2017
Today 28/6/2017 I have been awarded a dedication badge by Wealthy Affiliate, this is to prove that I have stayed with them for six months. They have given me a pat on the back and I am doing so to myself.It was due to the love we share in the community that has made it possible. The consistency to help I get when I am stuck, the kind instructions and feedback I receive from my kind community.So dear community I want you to celebrate with me this badge award as I could not have made it without y
June 27, 2017
Giving myself a pat on the back. for this achievement. Their community join me in this celebration.Cheers!!111
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June 27, 2017
I am happy that I am finishing my course 2 today. It has been a very slow journey, but I am happy I have been able to finish it today. Though the journey was interesting and entertaining. I am so happy.The Recap Of My ProgressI started with wealthy affiliate since 24/12/16. I met a lot of frustrations in the beginning which made me want to quit but determination kept on. I started with getting my website with which I continued to manage till I got the website of my own. I st
June 24, 2017
Creating quality content is what every individual desire in Wealthy Affiliate. For you to write quality content you need a quality writing materials or platform as we have in WA. Our WordPress writing platform is content writing friendly because inside your one page you can do all things starting from writing, canceling, redo, undo, adding attachments. You can add videos and images in you contents without stress. So many things to do using the editor file.You will want to know how it works.....
May 17, 2017
Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurrah!!!!!Where Will I start my story? That is what I said in my previous post about following our lessons here in wealthy affiliate. I usually go to other registrars to purchase domains and they do frustrate me a lot with their demands and rules. As I was going through the lessons I found out that I can equally purchase at WA , So I did, within some minutes I have my new brand Website. Pregnancyandlowbackpain.comNext minute I transferred the content in my follo