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Do You Know your Images can rank too?Google do has it's own SERPs for images for any keyword, as well. When you click on the image tab in Google, you can search for any keyword to get images related to that search phrase. Clicking on the Image takes you to the web page the image is attached to, so this is a another great way to increase website traffic.Does it sound crazy?Therefore, here's tips that can boost your image and help make it rank and contribute by drawing traffic.Effective keyword u
September 10, 2018
It is something glorous to progress, to achieve is good. What do I mean? I just want to say that today I have won a " New Badge" . This is really encouraging. It only says that we are working. In wealthy Affiliate you have to work. I love it and I am very proud to work cos it brings out my potentials.I thank you my lovely community for all the help you offer, I really appreciate all your help. And I advice each one of us to move on. No effort is a waste. Work dedicately and commitedly you will
September 06, 2018
Why WordPress? There are a lot of reasons why I recommend using wordPress to build a websiteDo you know that Wordpress can give you more limitless option than web builders?. During my research and observations, I began to understand that web Builders are limited and as well too expensive to get. It can only be good just for one-page websites.Also, Many people preferred learning about HTML and CSS, which can also help. But it takes months. For quicker creation of website, I don't think I will re
Many are finding it difficult to upload a picture on their web page with their Smart phone.Putting up a picture on your site with your computer seems more easier and direct than 'Handy' phones.I can use my iphone to operate my websites, it works perfectly without splitting, which many complained of.Now these are some little tips for a successive upload:1. Good network2. External keypad3. Intended picture For effective and easy using of your smart phone for photo updates, one must have full 3
September 01, 2018
Have you discovered this! Or you are yet to get knowledge of it!Always be mindful on the web page you click or get access to. Be careful on the website you submit your details to.There are some truth that needs to be unfold. Always beware of ".com".While checking the name of any website, first look for the domain extension ( .com or .org,, .net etc). The name just before this, is a domain name of the website.E.g The word before '.com' is 'Diwali-festi
We all have secrets and it has been one of the confidential things that contributes positively and helps us to progress. It's not easy to share secrets but I want Us to share one of our secrets of things that can contribute to the health of our respective blogs.Today I will share one of my secret that has been Boom!! and works most times. Everyone always wants to be indexed so quick on posts and it all depends on the techniques and tricks that works for You.So, this is my secret that works for
August 29, 2018
I know many people here in wealthy affiliate give their testimony every day about the success they have made here. Today is my turn. I will start by telling you how I started my journey. I started as a newbie, completely ignorant of what internet marketing is all about. But I started lesson, just like many people who would like to quit in the middle of the training. This is because things started being tough and rough, this period many people would quit. I hold on because of the encouragement
What is Social Media Marketing? In brief, social media marketing is the process of involving in social media networks in order to further build a brand and intensify marketing communication. This type of Internet marketing makes use of various social media communication techniques, including email and instant messaging, forums, online chats, blogging and, podcasting and much more. A great deal of these techniques have been around for a while, but only in recent years have businesses begun to
August 27, 2018
What's the difference between Http and HTTPS?Many might have known this particular difference while some also are still yet to know.But I will elaborate them in a way one can understand.The most important difference one has to have in mind is "about security". The main different between http:// and https:// is all about keeping you secure. What's http and https?Http means " Hyper TextTransfer ProtocolHTTPS means " Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.Hope you are now seeing the difference?'S' wh
August 25, 2018
Most people think that a healthy sleep is one long 7-8 hour period of unconsciousness. However, our sleep consists of various states of sleep that cycle throughout the night. These various sleep cycles are regular alternations between deeper sleep and lighter REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Each sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes to complete, and the cycle repeats 4-5 times across a normal sleep period. This cycling nature of our sleep is present at all ages, and across species. Wakening up s