Little By Little

Last Update: October 25, 2018

I realized a long time ago that I needed to get out of the corporate world. The question was how. This was the question I asked myself over and over again. I tried to figure out how others are doing it and like many of you it led me down this wrong path and that wrong path and so on. I was about to give up when I came upon Wealthy Affiliate and even now I don't know why I came across it or what I was searching for when I did come across it - I just started doing some research to see if they were legit. Doing our homework is key for any new adventure and I couldn't recommend it enough.

After researching WA and going through a lot of reviews I thought ~ "It's free, why not". If nothing else I would just get out of it if I had to, it's not like I was tied to it with a credit card or anything like that. And although I haven't started to make money I know it was the right decision. I know that the training and support alone will eventually lead me to huge success so I can finally "quit" my day job. Goals, people!! Yes we need them but it's not the Goal that will lead you to success it's the steps you take, the habits you make along the way to your Goal that is going to sustain you for the long hall. Creating best practices and daily steps, the little things it's what's going to get it done in the long run.

I know some days can be discouraging and when you start feeling down, just come here and start reading through the blogs and it will all turn around. Ask for help if you need it, there are no dumb questions and feel free to express your frustrations whenever you need to because that is one of the great benefits of this community - Either we've been there, we are there now or we will be going through it. There is always someone to help you out here.

For me, I am still going through the training - taking a little longer than I thought it would but I am learning a lot and so very thankful for that. I know I have a lot more learning to go and I hope I never stop learning, that is the best part of this journey. Wishing all of you the very best in your journey and know you are never alone.

Here's to your success!!!


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FKelso Premium
I agree with you. Yes, I think we all get a little discouraged from time to time. Your advice to read some blogs is great, because people write really encouraging things that can lift your spirits and restore your belief. Good post.
lesabre Premium
Thank you for the share Beth and, all the best to you.
Good for you Beth, well said
MKearns Premium
WA is unique Beth even in the seeding of advertorials that one is sure to come across eventually!
CandP Premium
Thanks for the update on your progress, Beth.
Yes, the training is taking us a while as well and we have gone back over many things but the point is we are learning and moving forward with more and more confidence.
So are you! Let's take the journey together.
Colette and Philip