How to write an article for your site

Last Update: March 09, 2016

l, I´m still a newbie but I already have some problems to find and produce good blogs for my website:

I just want to share how I do it and would like to know how you create your new blog.

1. Idea
I have an Excel spreatsheet which contain single words which are related to my website / niche. Every now and then I insert a new word / idea.

2. Keyword Tool
The next step is the keyword tool here at WA.. I search for a good expression, which should meet this criteria:
a) Search Volume > 50
b) Competition (results) < 300
c) Articel Power >= 8

3) Improve your title
Kyle showed in his videos, that we should add some word to the long tail keyword.
I found in the internet an interesting tool, called headline analyser
It is free :-) and you find some helpful information on this site too.

4) Structure your article
After I wrote my first articels "blind", I decided to give them more structure in advance. Therefore I use the mindmap technique.
You get this nice program for free here:

This is an example of the structure of an articel I just wrote.

5) Write
After I did the mindmap it is easy to put some words to the structure and create a new article.

An alternative approach you can find by Kit: :-)

How do you create your article or blog?
Please let me know.
Thank you.

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GinaGo Premium
Pretty much the same process. I do a lot of research to be sure I have my facts straight. Also, it helps me to get off of the computer and make an outline on paper.

I am not fast at it so I do not publish as often as I should, but I am determined to write the best quality posts I can and keep building.

I have been at WA for almost a year and I have to say I wish I had understood the importance of organizing a blog sooner. Make sure you have a tagline so your readers understand what your blog's central message is and know your categories and subcategories.

It will help you write consistently and stay on message. I am still working on my structure, but it is getting better.

ChrisTowers Premium Plus
A very good approach and I look to do it in a similar way.

If you are just starting though try to find keywords with a little less competition than 300 ... me i was going for less than one hundred when i started to see if I could get traffic... 300 might be a bit high ... only my opinion though :)

Bernd16 Premium
Yes, most of mine have less the 300. But it´s hard to find keywords which have a Articel Power over 8.