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March 20, 2016
I'm for one month premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and today a want to review the past 3 weeks:I have done all the classroom courses, but to be honest, I haven't wrote all the blogs. It´s too much in the short time.I have about 50 new contacts on G+ Twitter and Pinterest aer still under 10. I haven't promoted facebook until today. Maybe I should to it. My website contains 11 Post and 7 pages and 7 Comments from WA members Thank you! I just created one E-Mail Optin on my site. Not beau
l, I´m still a newbie but I already have some problems to find and produce good blogs for my website: just want to share how I do it and would like to know how you create your new blog.1. IdeaI have an Excel spreatsheet which contain single words which are related to my website / niche. Every now and then I insert a new word / idea.2. Keyword ToolThe next step is the keyword tool here at WA.. I search for a good expression, which should meet this criteria:
February 29, 2016
Well one week is over and time for a small review:What I achieved:1) I build a new Website from scratch. I had an old one in joomla, so I first created a subdomain and started there. After 6 days I switched the sites. Lesson learned: I would recommend to build it on a real domain. It was a lot of work to change it.2) I finished Classroom number 2 and stay in the mid of Classroom number 3.3) I joined two affiliate networks (Clickbank and Linkshare) but nothing more so far.4) I joined Amazon. It