How to get comission from local hotels?

Last Update: June 11, 2014

I want to feature in my site the hotels, and lodges that are in or close to the places that I am describing at my posts, I will make a review about it. Does anyone has have the experience of working with hotels so if a client check in on that hotel through my site do I receive a comission?

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ddjones Premium
Have you tried watching some of the training videos here about local marketing? This will help you get an idea about how to approach some of the hotels in your area.

This video may help:
Jaweda2k Premium
I have not, however the one Affiliate Program I am a part of has a bunch of hotels in it. My review of the program is here if you want to learn more about them:
Yea, the trip advisor is something I would do. But, if someone at WA has had the experience of dealing directly with the Hotel (also) it will help me.
susanhinds Premium
If I were you I would check in with the hotels to find out what is possible. I am sure if they felt that they would get business though your review they would only be too happy to help you to help them.

Good luck!
msant21 Premium
I dont know about a direct relation. But you can earn comissions through travel website's affiliate programs such as trip advisor. So if someone makes a reservation on a hotel through your affiliate link, they give you comissions