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I am at a bad point financially AGAIN and i'm sick of coming back to this point, i've done lots of research on this and it seems like the best way to move forward instead of backward so here goes.
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apowers Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I just wanted to drop by and say hi; I followed you so I can see your progress and hopefully lend a hand when you need it.

Don’t forget to click the green “Follow Me” button next to my id. That way you’ll be able to see my activity as well. I try to put up blog posts every so often to help spark thought and conversation about topics related to the lessons here on Wealthy Affiliate so you may find some good information there.

Before I go, if there’s one piece of advice I can give you at this stage it’s this: take action on everything you learn here at WA. The reason is two-fold:

1. You need to cement the knowledge in your mind as firmly as possible, and what better way for most of us to learn than to act?

2. By taking action you’ll be setting up a website, building traffic, developing social networks and everything else involved with running your business! When you’re done with each lesson you’ll have another part of your infrastructure!

Best of luck!

Thanks a lot for the advice i'm just trying to take it all in and get the hang of whats being instructed. No doubt i'll be calling on you for technical help at some point.

Thanks again

apowers Premium
No problem. Let me know when I can help!
DoubleTap Premium
Hi there, thank you for the follow, I really appreciate it!
sammikay Premium
Thanks for the follow!!!
rvikram Premium
Hello & Welcome to WA !

My name is Vikram. Let me first congratulate on your decision to join WealthyAffiliate. WA is a great place to learn internet marketing. This website provides awesome tools and training to all those people who want to crave out a niche in internet marketing. Whether you are just a newbie or a seasoned professional, WA provide a whole new dimension to your views & understanding.

If you ever feel alienated by technical jargons or some abbreviation, just head to "Live General Discussion" located on right hand side of dashboard page. Many top members of WA hangout there, just ask your question, somebody will help you out.

You can also click on green "Follow me" button to have me on your list. Till then happy learning. To your internet success in 2013.
sammikay Premium
Hello! Welcome to WA! This is the best site to gain knowledge about starting an Internet Marketing business. The complete training program helps you learn HOW to earn! Just go to the Training section on the left hand side of the page and your adventure begins! Click on the green "FOLLOW ME" button so we can stay in touch! Wishing you all the best!

See You At The Top!

Carson Premium
Hi There and Welcome to WA!

As you are just new to the community I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello and let you know that I am here to help you get started.

I've helped 1000's of people over the years build thriving online businesses and the Wealthy Affiliate platform will provide you the tools and training to succeed as well.

Kyle, myself, and many other very helpful people hang out at WA and are always willing to lend a hand.

If you have any questions I suggest using the Live chat as you will get answers very quickly. Or you can ask questions within tutorials, blogs, or directly to other members on their Spaces.

Here is the initial training that I suggest you get started with:
I look forward to working with you.

Rick Jantz Premium
Welcome to WA. The training is great and you will learn a lot. Really like the picture...but then it's daylight right now.
Thanks for the welcome. i can't even afford the fee for the premium part yet but aim to put a lot of effort into this idea for the good of my future.
Rick Jantz Premium
I don't have it either. I want to learn first and will then likely make the leap. We get two websites to develop so I am using one of them as a test site to practice what I learn