Why I Became Even More Paranoid

Last Update: June 13, 2017

I got even more paranoid after reading Loes' post, "Am I paranoid or is it coincidence?" You will excuse me, I am probably "techie ignorant" and could just be a big coincidence.

As I was logging to access my work in progress site through siterubix last night, 12/06/17, I got an alert from my internet security provider that the authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established could not be guaranteed.

I downplayed the message since I trust WA 100%, I thought there was no cause for alarm and carried on anyway.

After about 30 minutes, The alert popped back on and I decided to investigate further and read the reason for the unusual warning:

Reason: The certificate or one of the certificates in the certificate chain is not up to date.

Oh well, I have seen that before in the past.

Anyhow, I decided to investigate further and viewed the certificate.

Well, this did not bother me much because I am in the UK, therefore using London,GMT (5hrs ahead 0f EASTERN). The certificate information at the top confirms that it has expired or is not yet valid. I just went with the latter, that the validation would take effect sometimes on 13/06.

While at work (9-5 grind) :-(, it came to my mind that I must check my W.I.P site just in case my home computer was "being funny." I was shuttered to get the same message. I started to panic because obviously I was using a different network with a completely different internet security system.

While in panic mode, I checked if I could get access on my mobile and I accessed without a problem. [prompted to update my mobile security now] The first post I read was Loes', post;

"Am I paranoid or is it coincidence?"

Seriously? What do you really think happened to my mental status (at the moment in time) upon reading Loes' headline? Obviously I was extremely nervous and worried.

What a coincidence?

To me it was not time for jokes, hence I responded;

Hi Loes,

"I know we may make jokes about security, but actually I think there is something fishy going on at WA"

Please DO NOT get me wrong, I do not have any malicious intentions, I love WA and I am here to stay. I hope the certificate issue is sorted by now [if indeed it was an issue]

I was not even ready to post anything yet, but I gather that my comments could cause serious TRUST issues. Infact, I was inspired by another WA member (Kambas) who asked if I could elaborate.

Thus, I wrote this post to clarify and justify my actions. "No need to be paranoid". :-)


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LiliaF Premium
Benjamin hope everything fine now.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Hey Benjamin,

Looks like you were lucky enough to catch them in the process of renewing their SiteRubix certificate - I just took a look at my end & they have a brand new one installed dated from the 13th of June and expiring on the 11th of September :)

What you must remember though is that SSL certificates are issued per domain - so the certificates installed on SiteRubix.com are there to protect your blogs & the visitors to your blogs - not members signing into WA.

WealthyAffiliate.com has a different certificate which lasts for a much longer period of time. It was issued on 11th of Aug 2015 & doesn't expire until 10th of Oct 2018. This certificate is designed to keep your connection safe here at WA :)

So the bottom line seems to be that you're all good here at WA :)
Benmoore Premium
Hi Dale,
Thanks for your clarification and confirmation. With Siterubix within WA it's easy to forget they are different entities, especially when you are in panic mode (LOL).
You explained it well, thanks. :-)
Ivine Premium
Hi Benjamin, let me know what the outcome is. Irv.
Benmoore Premium
Hi Irv, Dale have clarified the issue, and it is sorted thanks.:-)
pablocortina Premium
I have not experienced this issue. Please let us know what happens
Benmoore Premium
I will let you know if anything happens, but I have not had any alerts since.
Benmoore Premium
Just to let you know that Dale has confirmed that it is sorted.
CraigW315 Premium
Well, keep us up to date. I haven't seen anything unusual myself, other than what seems like an increase in fraudulent member activity (IE members joining just to run some kind of scam).

Paranoia can be a good thing.
Benmoore Premium
I have not had any alerts today. Will let you know of any development.
Benmoore Premium
A quick update to let you know that Dale clarified the issue and confirmed it is sorted.
CraigW315 Premium