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Learning something new is not always a smooth process. We are all bound to have questions of some sort regardless of how long you have been here at WA. The search box hold answers to most questions.Questions are a means to get understanding through helpful answers. This is especially true if you are new here. It is highly likely that your question has been asked before and you can get the answer by simply typing your question in the search box.Using the search box offer many benefits such as;In
I got even more paranoid after reading Loes' post, "Am I paranoid or is it coincidence?" You will excuse me, I am probably "techie ignorant" and could just be a big coincidence. As I was logging to access my work in progress site through siterubix last night, 12/06/17, I got an alert from my internet security provider that the authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established could not be guaranteed.I downplayed the message since I trust WA 100%, I thought there was no cau