How to Be Successful WITHOUT Selling Your Soul

Last Update: October 18, 2019

So check it out...

A common problem that occurs with affiliate marketing is programs (1) not paying high enough commissions and (2) not having control of the product.

The biggest culprit is Amazon. Amazon, in my opinion, is the GREATEST place to get started with affiliate marketing because of how easy it is to earn money from it.

But over the years, the Amazon Associates program has constantly been changing. Sometimes for the good... sometimes for the bad... and sometimes just to be annoying.

In response to that, some bloggers have turned to 'high-ticket' affiliate marketing.

"High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing" has been a bit of a buzzword in the industry over the last few years. In fact, the term itself has drawn the ire of seasoned marketers. Then there are others that have had great success with it.

Whatever side you fall on in the high-ticket debate, there is one thing that you must keep in-tact... Your Integrity.

Money makes people do strange things... But the sad thing is... it is not just the money, it's the potential of making money that causes people to make strange decisions. Decisions like pitching products that are known to be immoral and down right dishonest.... Just to make a buck.

That is wrong.

"With great power, comes great responsibility." -Uncle Ben

The training WA provides gives us the ability to build a resource and attract an audience that will learn to depend on you in your space. As your readers dive deeper into their hobbies and interest with content from your site, it is up to you to treat them like people and not dollar signs.

It is also a proven fact that those that try to truly help people tend to last longer in this business.

So how can you make it big in this business? I feel you need to have an product pass your checklist. My checklist is this... the product must (1) not compromise your core beliefs, (2) have minimum or complete control of the product you are promoting, and (3) earn enough money in sales to make it worth the effort.

Those three things are my checklist before promoting a product. But it is a hard combination to find in the sea of the internet. You often find products and programs that fit only one or two of those parameters... rarely do you find one that meets all three. (not saying that they do not exist, just rare)

The only thing that will sure-fire have all three from the check list is creating your very own information product.

Creating your own info product is usually not something that you do immediately upon launching your site. You do it AFTER you have gotten consistent traffic and established yourself as at least someone competent in your niche.

But regardless, launching that info product checks the three boxes for promoting a product:

(1) Not compromising your core beliefs - You created the product, so you should believe in it 100%

(2) Have minimum or complete control of the product - You own the product, so any and everything about it is is yours to deal with.

(3) Earn enough money in sales to make it worth the effort - You set the price of the product based on the value it will provide and you keep 100% of the proceeds. Not having to share it with the product owner.

To clarify, I am not saying to ditch affiliate marketing all together, but simply have it as an additional stream of income as you build your empire online.

Also, to be completely honest, building your own info product is a lot of work. You have to learn your niche, create a curriculum, convey it in written text or video, sell it, market it, and support it.

But it satisfies the checklist.

AFTER (emphasis on the after) you start getting traffic to your site, consider creating a minimum viable product (or an MVP). An MVP is a product that has enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for a future product.

An MVP is kind of like buying an cheap iPod and later getting a MacBook Pro or iPhone.

Creating your own product is a daunting task and when I first started with affiliate marketing, I would have never dreamed of creating my own product. But as you mature in this space, you will see the value, the benefit, and the profitability of making such a move.

I am sure not everyone will agree with me on this one. But this has been my experience.

So as you tackle your blogs and your niche, have in the back of your mind a digital product that you can create. Be it a video or an ebook that delivers enough value in your space that you can charge for it. Your MVP doesn't have to be super expensive, it can be like $7 or $15... that will eventually lead to a product that can cost a few hundred (or thousand) bucks.

This strategy can effectively turn a site making a couple hundred bucks a month in affiliate income, to one making a significant income through multiple sources.

BUT! (there is always a but) Whatever you do, do it ethically. Stand out is a sea of fakers by providing good and honest products and information.

This works REGARDLESS of your niche.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to make big money online without selling your soul.

If you have any specific questions for me, please drop me a line below or if you want to talk specifics about how you can go further with this, send me a PM.

All of us here want to succeed and I want to do my part.

Take Control of Your Life,

Chris Myles

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Mick18 Premium
Great tips. Thanks a bunch Chris.
Have a great weekend,
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you Chris for this informative post much appreciated

I have this in my plan over the next few years

Thank you for sharing

Tirolith Premium
We at WA have the opportunity to bring Honesty into the internet so we must lead by example.

"Lying maybe short term gain but telling the truth is long term Trust." Tom Short.

“Doing the right thing is called honesty which is in short supply within the internet.” Tom Short.

"Honesty is the best policy." Arnotts Biscuits.

Thanks for your time,

JeffGnagy Premium
Excellent post Chris!

I’m still new to the game (as you know). ;) but I’m seriously thinking of writing a book... I’m looking at some of my posts and noticing how I could seam them together into a manual almost.

I never would have dreamed it a year ago.

But first things first.... 😜 a little more experience

I’ll talk to you soon my friend.
CMKetay Premium
Great thoughts, Chris!