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Last Update: May 20, 2019

Hello All!

Let me thank everyone first for taking the time to read my second post. I have only made one thus far and I expect in the future more will come. I do enjoy reading everyone elses although I have days where I am more active in reading, engaging, liking content and others where I am not logged in as much.

For me life continues to throw curveballs and the family and I will be making an out of state move. Ourh ouse is about to go in the market and I suspect it won't be on it for long - leaving a place we love but being closer to some family to have extra support (will be tremendous for us having a young extremely active and time demanding 3 year old) and having better long term economic opportunities is just too much to pass up.

That being said I had stalled on my training to focus on content, site design & fundamentals. I really wanted to get something that would be able to fit my vision and also get some more content posted. My thinking was to make sure I get the foundation set, and do it right before I start to frame the house (talking in metaphors now). This way when I need to make any changes it makes it easier once I have the structure in place.

So far no real traffic from organic searches (I wasn't expecting too much anyway since it does take time). I began to make lists of affiliate offers but have not joined any yet (other than clickbank) since I don't have traffic through the doors and I wanted to get the site looking right and filling it with content first.

So..basically I am looking for some insight and feedback from you all - those of you who are seasoned, had some good success or failures (which are often the best learning tools) where should I be at this point? What are some other things I need to consider? What are things on the site that I need to add, omit or be aware of (plugins, widgets, etc)

I don't want my over thinking of things to get in my way - I do tend to over analyize things - but in that thought process I've learned there are some very valuable ideas I just need to know where to channel the thinking and energy. I've also learned that when I have had those problems I have been most successful with them when I took the time to ask for guidance and get another point of view.

Thats where I am at, if you can help give some guidiance I would love to hear your insight!

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VitaliyG Premium
I like this approach man. Take it one step at a time. Do not rush the process of building your business, because it is really something that builds incrementally, so focus on one lesson at a time like the training provides and build from that.
NateThomas7 Premium
Not that I have had success, but focus on Good and not perfect. I too overanalyze things, but you need to keep building content while updating your site design. In the long run it will help.

My only advice is to focus on your first site and go through the process. Learn the system and what you need to do. Once the site is getting consistent traffic then begin planning your next site (and maybe not even then).

AkshaySaxena Premium
I believe the No. 1 priority of anyone must be to finish all Modules of OEC Training. And, consistent writing content on our website.