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Last Update: January 15, 2019

Pretty happy to say that I got accepted by Google AdSense. I know that when trying to promote/review companies in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche, can at times by difficult to get accepted into it.

I must be doing something right with my new website Scam VS Legit

Last time, when I had a go at building up a website a few years back, I applied and got rejected from Google Adsense in this niche. Now that I am back again things are looking better. Atleast in the sense of AdSense.

Pretty convenient now that Adsense Ads are automatically placed throughout a website without the need to specifically set ads in diffirent locations and sizes.

My website is only around 3 months old and is on the rise. If you decide to embed an ad service on your website. Google AdSense is the top choice in my opinion. If you apply and have trouble being accepted into the service.

Don't panic cause there is always more Ad companies outside of Google AdSense! A simple search in Google will uncover plenty of alternatives.

I don't know which are decent but here's a couple of results I gathered with a simple search in Google:

In no particular order...

  1. Yllix Media.
  2. Chitika.
  3. Pop Cash.
  4. Infolinks.
  5. Adsterra.
  6. PopAds.
  7. RevContent.
  8. PropellaAds Media.
  9. Media . net.

This is a huge success for me and my website in my opinion. Thanks for reading.

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Vickic3 Premium
Good news for you Benjamin- Keep on building and continued success along the way
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