Why Should You Subscribe Annually to WA on Black Friday?

Last Update: November 29, 2019

7 Reasons why you should subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) on Black Friday.

  1. $299.00 One Time Payment
  2. Save $289.00 Annually
  3. Save $24.08 Monthly
  4. Have a Long Term Focus
  5. Realize How Valuable the Training is at WA
  6. Teach Others You Can Create an On-Line Business Inexpensively
  7. Commit to the Training and the Process

$299.00 One Time Payment

I have recently moved to Colorado and to say I am a little overwhelmed with relocation expenses is an understatement.

I have two mortgage payments, until my house in Oklahoma sells, my mortgage in Colorado is more then I'm used to paying and I have had to make over 10 trips to get the house ready to sell and pack everything up to move.

With all that being said, even though it was hard for me to pay the $299.00 today, I understand the money it will save me throughout the year.

Save $289.00 Annually

I say you can save $289.00 annually as I have been paying $49.00 monthly, which equates to $588.00 annually. If you upgrade to an annual membership on Black Friday, then your savings is $289.00. You can upgrade to an annual membership outside of Black Friday for $359.00, which is by far a better deal then paying monthly, but you should always take advantage of any savings you can, whether it is for personal reasons or business reasons.

Save $24.08 Monthly

If you're paying $49.00 monthly and you upgrade to an annual membership to WA on Black Friday, then you will save $24.08 every monthly. My parents always told me to "count your pennies" and saving $24.08 monthly is better than counting pennies.

Have a Long Term Focus

When you sign up for an annual membership, you're changing your focus from a short term to a long term focus.

In this industry, not many people get rich overnight. We are building a real business here and it takes many months and years to build a lasting, substantial business. We need to commit to our long term vision and be ready to ride out the short term doubts and disappointments.

Realize How Valuable the Training is at WA

Between myself, my son and talking to others here at WA, I have quickly realized how impressive and exhaustive the training is here at WA. There is the Online Entrepreneur Certification, Affiliate Bootcamp, Classrooms and let's not forget Jay's Weekly Live Training.

I have gone through other training programs and I have not found a program yet that offers as much as WA offers, for as little as $24.92 per month.

Keep the WA value in mind as you consider what you get here and what is offered elsewhere.

Teach Others You Can Create an On-Line Business Inexpensively

I think people fall into 2 basic camps. There are those who think they can build an on-line business overnight for nothing, and the other camp sees the value in paying thousands of dollars for the introductory fee to ensure they build a lasting, profitable business.

To the 1st group I would say, realize that nothing is free and you need to commit to a long term vision and focus to build your business.

To the 2nd group I would say, don't get sucked into paying thousands of dollars for the GAURANTEED success of your business. You can pay a lot less and get a lot more here at WA but you need to commit to the training and the process.

Commit to the Training and the Process

I love the idea of changing lives overnight and helping people become financially independent, however, it takes time to build a business. It doesn't matter if you're building a brick & mortar business or an on-line business. It just takes, time, training, and determination.

Take the time to train, listen, teach and engage here at WA. Not only are you learning and building something but you can help each other out along the way. The community here at WA is the best I have ever experienced and even though, we can get irritated at times, the friends here at WA really do want the best for you and your business.

Commit to the process, because this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

The Bottom Line

Always take advantage of money savings in your business and commit to the long term vision for yourself and what you want to build. Paying $299.00 today and savings $24.08 monthly was an obvious decision for me and helps me to focus my long term approach to my future.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I agree one hundred percent. I have a lot of high costs on certain things, but not taking advantage of such a GREAT deal would be foolhardy!

Belden22 Premium Plus
My son and I had our calendars marked for this date. We received an awesome deal and didn’t have to wait in line at a store for it.

JeffreyBrown Premium
I know, Rick--it's great!