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January 05, 2021
It's been 3 years since I joined WA and I'm wondering if I'm still swimming in the middle of the pack or am I starting to break out?I remember learning so much, like drinking out a fire hose, when I first started. Now, my learning has slowed to a more manageable pace for the long race.I say that because we all know this is really a marathon instead of a sprint.I have created several websites and found some of them to be failures, and I have now built several that have a lot of promise. I have c
It's been an incredible 2-year journeys so far. I started out on fire, had some family issues, and job relocation that distracted me for almost a year, and now I have re-focused and chose a new niche.I had hoped to be making some great money within the first year but I chose a niche that wasn't on fire, so to speak, and then my family and job issues took my attention away which contributed to me not creating content for a significant amount of time.I chose a new niche, and as you can see from t
It's been 2 years and so much has happened in that time. I have started some of the most incredible online training here at WA and I have created several websites.I lost both parents in October and December 2018, which threw me off for some time. After that, we decided to try to move to Colorado, and after 8 months of job searching, I finally found the right position south of Denver.I was living by myself in Lone Tree, Colorado in a studio apartment for 4 months and I decided to leave the TV of
7 Reasons why you should subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) on Black Friday.$299.00 One Time PaymentSave $289.00 AnnuallySave $24.08 MonthlyHave a Long Term FocusRealize How Valuable the Training is at WATeach Others You Can Create an On-Line Business InexpensivelyCommit to the Training and the Process$299.00 One Time PaymentI have recently moved to Colorado and to say I am a little overwhelmed with relocation expenses is an understatement.I have two mortgage payments, until my house in Oklaho
September 04, 2019
It's a new day, I have a new job, I live in the mountains now, I am relocating my family to Colorado, my daughter is off to college (that's happy and sad for me at the same time), I am checking off all of my "to do" items to make all of this happen and I have emmersed myself back into my online business.Not every day is beautiful and glorious, but I am grateful for each one of those days. I believe it is really important to have hope and a vision or goal for our futures so that with all of the
My parents were married for 55 years. I have heard many times that close friends of many years will often pass on very close to each other. Well, that was true for my parents. My father died in October from a heart attack. He was a caregiver for my mother who had a stroke 13 years ago. My mother died almost exactly 1 month later in early December.It was a difficult time emotionally and financially but I believe I have now recovered from both of those.I have missed all of the close friendships I
Have you been going so hard and fast for so long that you hit that wall?And you slept for three days straight?And then you realized your body was telling you it needed a break?And then you realized that it was ok and the future would still look as grand after you woke up and could see past the wall again?Sometimes walls are in the right place at the right time.
April 29, 2018
I wanted to update you on where my head is right now.You know that I have been pushing through the training hard and creating a lot of content for my website and about 10 days ago I started my first PPC campaigns after being here at WA for only 4 months.I wrote a blog last night about having to step back to clear my head and look at the bigger picture. So, here's what I see.........I see a bigger picture now.I have reduced my maximum daily cost on the ads to make sure I can let them keep runnin
This last week has been some of the most intense, thought-provoking, number crunching days since I have been at Wealthy Affiliate.I started at Wealthy Affiliate on January 4th, of this year, so I have been here for nearly 4 months now.I finished my Certification training in February, I believe, and immediately went on to the Bootcamp training. I am currently in Phase 7, Lesson 3.I started my first PPC campaigns last Friday and I have approximately 20 PPC ads running for 9 days now. The problem
As you can see in my Active Users Graph below, my graph is trending up almost exponentially.I started my first PPC campaign last Friday (5 days ago) and have been seeing mixed results, which is understandable, but even with the mixed results, my graph is really trending up.I have over 15 different ads running on Bing right now and 3 running on Google Adwords.I will let these ad campaigns run for another week or so as I continue in my Bootcamp training. There is so much knowledge to be gained, t