New Years Eve

Last Update: December 31, 2020

Well My Fellow WA'ers family,

It is almost here 2021. What a year. Let try to look back well for me, I was spending time with my family and working like everyone else. Celebrating holidays, birthdays or just get togethers. Catching up to see what is going on their lives.

Tragedy Came Upon Us

Covid-19. What is this? We was all in shock of this virus that came and controlled majority of our 2020 year. I remember I was discharged from the hospital in the beginning of March and this virus was already here in the States they said in end of February. It did not come out full force until the middle of March, 2020.

People was getting sick, going to the hospital either being discharged or not coming home. I prayed and still is praying for everyone because even though now they have a vaccine. You can not be sure. Not straying away from the topic.

My job then was making us work every other week??? I understood why but what about our bills we have to pay? So everything came falling down on me. This whole process made me humble.

Restrategized My Goals

Then while I am struggling like all of American here in the States and across UK and even further. I have to come up with some other income to help offset this problem. I always thought about making money online but always thought it was fake.


I came across an article from my mentor Dale123 (I forgot it. I did have it) and I was at my wits in and I said to myself this is my last try. I have to generate income online some how and some way that is legit and legal. I read and it caught me then I signed up.

I know that what you find on the internet can be lies you have to see and do your diligence about investigating to make sure it is real.


I did it. I am part of a community of wealthy affiliate and I have not come across another platform that have individuals that care about others and not just themselves. I am stating that I will generate income in 2021 and be successful.

Happy with my Decision

I am truly happy that I have made that leap of faith and I am going to be successful in 2021. I am in the process of making my plans and writing them down so I can follow them. Do not have second thoughts about my decision. Since I am surrounded by other members that are successful if you follow the training and do the work, you will succeed.

Since, I started in August, 2020. I have accomplished a lot. I have two website up. Both indexed by google. One website has more content than the other but I am good and I am working on both. I am going back to change the images and add content or reword it. I also ranked the top 200.


I will continue to make plans and follow the plans to reach and go beyond my goals. This whole pandemic has made me and my daughter humble. So here in Philadelphia, Pa there will no fireworks because of the pandemic. I will just be home re-evaulating my plans and goals for 2021.

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Jessiefido Premium
Your dedication to your website as well as your family and home life has been very inspirational for me over the last few months Alicia.

I feel that you have achieved so much in such a short time here.

Have a great New Year my friend and a very prosperous 2021.

lesabre Premium
Happy New Year Alicia and all The Very Best.

beautiful801 Premium
Thank you Michael and same to you. Alicia
Jenell44 Premium
Wishing you a happy new year and a wonderful 2021 with much success. Jenni
beautiful801 Premium
Thank you and same to you Jenell44. Alicia
JEaston Premium Plus
Good post. Thank you so much for sharing, Alicia.
Here in the Philippines, we have fireworks. But few only as still a pandemic, many people want to economize this time.

Happy New Year! Alicia and your family.
Best wishes,
beautiful801 Premium
Same to you. Be safe
SylviaChrist Premium
Here they expect young people to damage cars and other things because they are forbidden to do fireworks. We will see it.
Happy New Year, Alicia!:)
beautiful801 Premium
I know right. Here they are being brazen. Robbing people in broad daylight, high jacking cars then going to 7 eleven store to rob while customer is actually shopping? It is bad!! Be safe Alicia
SylviaChrist Premium
Puuh, that sounds awful! I will see what will happen later!
Stay safe as well!