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February 21, 2021
I am going to make this short and sweet. Goodbye my fellow WA'ers. It was a joy knowing you and thank you for all the education and training you have provided.Kyle and Carson thank you for creating a platform that can help anyone pursue their dreams of being a online business enterprenaur. I am leaving but will not forget what I have learned.Jay thank you for your training it was a blast. and of course can not forget about the community, everyone was great. Dale thank you!!!!Good bye!Alici
January 28, 2021
Good morning my fellow WA'ers,I am just writing my thoughts for the new year. I am going to make it through. I am not going to let nayone or anything stop me from succeeding. Looking around and thinking more and more. What am I doing? Why am I doing? Is this for me?I have come up with the answers and I am creating an online business for passive income to supplement me during and after this pandemic. Because I want to do this and I love helping others when I can. Yes, this is definintely
January 23, 2021
Good morning my fellow WA'ers,I was wishing that I have hit the Mega Millions lol. That would have been great, then I could have retire from full time job and work on my online business. What would you do with all that money? RichWhat do you call rich? Having bounds and bounds of money? DO not know what to do with itI know that I would take care of my family. But wouldn't that cause problems? I would want to just be comfortable without worrying about how I am going to pay A,B,C, and D. I
January 05, 2021
Good morning my fellow Wa'ers,I hope your New Years was good and safe. Mine was peaceful quiet. So now back to work and enjoy of getting that successful business off and cotinue to reach your goals. I thinking that I have come up with my goals here:write at least three articles a week (one for one website and the two for the other)continue to welcome new membersblog on WA once a week or when I feel like itcheck in on live chat between twice or three times weekgive better comments in the WAst
December 31, 2020
Well My Fellow WA'ers family,It is almost here 2021. What a year. Let try to look back well for me, I was spending time with my family and working like everyone else. Celebrating holidays, birthdays or just get togethers. Catching up to see what is going on their lives.Tragedy Came Upon UsCovid-19. What is this? We was all in shock of this virus that came and controlled majority of our 2020 year. I remember I was discharged from the hospital in the beginning of March and this virus was a
December 29, 2020
Good morning my fellow Wealthy Affiliate family,I hope your Christmas was good. Mine was great did go and spend with my grandson. It was so much fun. We had a blast. He is learning his colors and his name real well. He calls me "Mom Mom".Do You Ever Overthink?I do all the time. If I am not busy I think am I doing this right or am I on the right path? No, why don't you do it this way and not that way? That makes me crazy at times. What about you? It is the same way when I write my blo
December 22, 2020
Good morning my fellow Wealthy Affiliates,I am writing because I want to say that the new update for AIOSEO is good so far for me. Did you update yet? There are a couple of post about it already. I just want to say that if helps because you will be notified on the right side what is wrong before you post the blog. This will help with indexing and know what to change and not.I will take alot of out of guessing and seeing to make sure you did cover what you need. Having that side info bar wi
December 16, 2020
Good morning my fellow WA'ers family,I hope everything is all well with you and your family. I am doing great and my family is fine.I was thinking about again, changing my theme for my website, I got feedback from my mentor and I agree I kept the theme with my current one which is General Press. The one I liked was Pepe Lite. Did anyone see or try that one? I think I like to flashiness and pink which catches your eyes.When I do my other website, I might use it lol. I have two, I am workin
December 09, 2020
Good morning my fellow WA'ers,Just doing my blog. I made some other decision too. I will do a blog three days a week. So that way, I will still be in the community but I will also continue to read post too. I also made a decision that I am giving myself a year from when I started. I am also thinking about e-commerce too so with that and my website I should be good.Working on my website. I did make changes I added new pictures. New content I also have to fix a review I did I got a message
December 06, 2020
Good evening my fellow WA'ers,I am blogging because I wanted to say hello and think that I might just back away from blogging everyday or I will do it when I want to. I will concentrate on writing content for my website and I will still try answer questions, jump in on live chat here and there. I will definintely be doing Fridays weekly classes with Jay. So I hope everyone is doing good. If I want to say anything else I will post a blog.Alicia