Where Are You?

Last Update: Dec 27, 2017


Hello fellow journey takers.

Where are you on your journey here at WA?

Did it just begin for you or have you been on the road for awhile?

I started here just over a year ago and it has been great. The greatness is not because of financial improvement (that's coming) but greatness and richness in all the interaction I have had here so far. I have received great advice and encouragement when I needed it and just seeing how members are so helpful and kind to each other, it boost your spirit to continue on your journey.

I wrote a post in the early months of being here talking about following the directions or instructions one receives to complete a task and how difficult it can be should you deviate from the instruction or directions, although you may even end up with the same result, it's not necessary when all is researched and laid out for you, just follow the training or the directions. You will make it to where you need to be and what you need to succeed.

I wrote that and I realized maybe two months ago that I was not practicing what I was preaching. I was skipping parts of some training because I thought I knew how to do this or that part...all I ended up doing was stalling my progress.

I have since opted to start my training over from the beginning, and by doing that I have reached so many more people, I have new followers and I feel more confident everyday, I am more comfortable in sharing my views and opinions. With my refreshed views and new understanding of my niche(how you can make money online) I have updated and added new and detailed contents to some of my previous post and I'm sure that will continue going forward.

Trust the training that is here and if believe that it will work for you, you can see how it has worked for others.

I'm looking forward to seeing what my journey holds.

A new year is about to start. I will start it with eyes wide open, I will try to stay clear of procrastination and stay on the path laid out for me to succeed.

I wish this for you also.

Thanks for stopping. Please like or comment


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I am almost done training but have had problems with time. This time of year is so busy! Hopefully will be on track after holidays but I have found a few hours to work even during the holidays but not as much as I would like.

Good luck. I created a notebook while training so I can refer back to items I have forgotten :).

You are right the training works it has been proven

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