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April 26, 2018
Long time no post, I guess you can call this an update of sort. I'm one of Kyle's Super Affiliates and I'm way behind and I'm okay with it. I'll tell you why, and I would really sincerely love to know, ''How you are doing.''DistractionsIf we had a dollar for the amount of times we get distracted from tasks at hand we would all be rich. I was struggling with how to write post for my site, having trouble pushing out articles, the process was tedious and slow and very low producing. I had remo
December 27, 2017
Hello fellow journey takers. Where are you on your journey here at WA? Did it just begin for you or have you been on the road for awhile? I started here just over a year ago and it has been great. The greatness is not because of financial improvement (that's coming) but greatness and richness in all the interaction I have had here so far. I have received great advice and encouragement when I needed it and just seeing how members are so helpful and kind to each other, it boost your spirit to
November 06, 2017
Are you stretched? I am so stretched, I feel like a rubber band been pulled in all different directions, the only link in the scenario is me. I know that I am not the only one but I have to find a way to point one of these stretches in my direction. I am getting nothing done on my site or WA. My last blog was months ago and things have gone downhill since then. I mean downhill as it pertains to my online business. I have been writing a post for my site that is still sitting in draft for ab
June 26, 2017
The definition of ''FOCUS'' is the center of interest or activity. My business, my website has not been my focus for about 2 months now..but I'm back.I took on a task that I did not realize would consume me physically and mentally for it's duration. The mental part was probably my need to seek perfection in anything that I choose to do for someone else. I worry a bit less when it's my own project although I always try to do my very best in all endeavor.THINGS THAT WENT ON WHILE I WAS AWAYI G
April 14, 2017
Wishing everyone and their loved ones a Happy Easter.From mine to yoursBB
April 11, 2017
Which one are you doing today?I'm going to have a Happy working day.Thanks for stopping by.BB
April 04, 2017
Have faith in what you're learning here...Work on what you need to work on...You'll get connected...Thanks for stopping by.BB
April 03, 2017
About a month ago support changed my theme because the one I was using had some issues. All my links showed up looking like (see below). I removed the links and added them again. They are still showing up with the line across the entire page and not just under the linked word or words. I'm using Twenty sixteen theme.I really don't want to change theme but will have to do what I have to do if there is no other fix.**The lines are from Mother Teresa's poem "Anyway''ThanksBB
Help in the most unlikely place.Just over a month ago I had one of the worst day of my life. After a very intense and emotional day of dealing with some self-inflicted issues, I came home and logged into WA. I should not even be looking at my site considering what I was going through at the time...but I did. After logging on I saw that I had 5 new followers. I clicked on one to check the profile..I do not know why I chose that particular profile, it wasn't the first one listed...but I did. I
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