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Last Update: April 26, 2018

Long time no post, I guess you can call this an update of sort. I'm one of Kyle's Super Affiliates and I'm way behind and I'm okay with it.

I'll tell you why, and I would really sincerely love to know, ''How you are doing.''


If we had a dollar for the amount of times we get distracted from tasks at hand we would all be rich. I was struggling with how to write post for my site, having trouble pushing out articles, the process was tedious and slow and very low producing. I had removed some pages from my site during month one, to clean up the design and look of my site.

Confession is good for the soul they say, so here is mine; I do not have a logo for my site, nothing speaks to me in terms of some kind of symbol, just the name works fine for me(so technically not finished month 1)

Because I was having such a hard time writing these necessary articles, I found myself surfing and spending useless time on social media. I was following the training but something wasn't sticking and I knew it had to do with keywords but could not take hold of what it was exactly.

When I wasn't surfing, my head was distracting me with the need to find different income streams, which I knew to be true. Finding new income streams would not help my writing and I would have to find ways to promote them - more writing. The second month of training is coming to an end and I am nowhere near completing the tasks and so I start to stress which leads me to spending my time doing other things.

I Let It Go

Still doing catch up...month 2

Although I was not writing articles, I was active in the community, leaving comments, following and supporting community members in their other ventures. I read a post a few weeks ago about steps to follow to increase your writing(I'm paraphrasing). I read it and left a comment, the post had left an impression, I wondered if they would work.

I decided to spend a part of my weekend with Kyle, we went back to the beginning of the training, I replayed several sections and zeroed in on the keyword training, following and doing it step by step. Without distractions, I got what I was missing.

I had to let go of the worry and stress that I was putting on myself to complete these task, and it's not really about - when you complete them - It's that you complete them.

It Worked

Still doing catch up...month 3

Of course, it worked. After my extra time with Kyle, I spent the rest of the weekend hanging with family. Monday morning, I head to my office to start my morning routine and put my newly acquired knowledge to the test.

This was truly a surprise, almost shocking for me, other may read this and say, ''no big thing''. My keyword search yielded 20 keywords that matched what I needed.

  • locate keyword list in Jaaxy
  • move them to site content
  • expand and make keywords dynamic
  • copy and paste (title) info into template(1200words)
  • create sub-topics (minimum 4) and save
  • rinse and repeat 20 times (for the number of keywords)

I just spent 4hours getting all that done, a week ago I couldn't get past an idea in my head. I went back to the training and this time I paid attention and implemented the step. That was a week ago, guess what I got distracted....again

Sometimes my distractions will actually yield some positive results. During one of my distraction, I finished a kitchen diy project I started months ago and I got back to finishing the comic book desk for my son, and one of the other income stream I started during writers block has paid me commission already. It is a challenge turning my distractions into productive time spent elsewhere.

Although I have not finished writing out my articles yet, I am no longer stressed out about it. I am able to write this post here because I don't feel pressured because of the process. The process laid out by Kyle works, and I hope everyone is using it.

My Give Away

Still doing catch up...month 3

Slow and steady works. It doesn't matter where you are in this challenge as long as you keep going. Quitting is not an option. Work at your pace, and yes, I know deadlines are important but what is the point of racing to check each box if you truly do not understand.

It's not the first to finish the tasks but the result you get when you finish the tasks.

And yes, I want to know...comment on ''How you're doing''

Thanks for stopping. Please check like if you do.



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laurenjean Premium
Oh Beverley... I hear you, I'm the Queen of distraction. I stumble-task all day long. And it's so easy to do that online. Don't worry, you are not alone. Well done for going back to the training - every time I do that I gain insights and it helps me move another step forward.
Starbound Premium
Hi Beverley,

You've got it right when you say keep going at your own pace. No one is judging you. Instead of judging yourself, acknowledge your accomplishments & look to the future. My mantra is 'never give up' no matter how long it takes. You will never learn everything in this business, because there is always something new to learn. Never give up!!

Best wishes for great success,
bbyard Premium
Thank you and great success to you.
Memorylaneuk Premium
Sometimes we do have to go back over things. Months one and two were achieved reasonably easily.
A bout of the flu stole almost a week at the beginning of month 3. I was way behind but today I am totally back on track having just published post 8.
However this time last month I always had the next one ready to go but this month Im having to write and publish.
I’m just happy I caught up and no longer feel under pressure.
With Grace and Gratitude
bbyard Premium
Some days things go better than others. Glad to hear you're feeling better (warmer weather should help), and back on track.
All the best to you and no pressure.