Time Management

Last Update: Jan 12, 2016


When I find myself totally overwhelmed and at times, frazzled with tasks, studies, obligations, etc.... It's time to compartmentalize! It's easier said than done, but I must do it in order to reach either my short and long term goals. Since my original plan was to set aside 6 hours/day for the business, this is what I have to do:

One hour responding to comments, follows, reading relevant posts from members of my network, adding "new follows", etc.

Three hours for training, studying, reviewing (going over what I didn't quite grasp the first time) and really do my best for a total recall!

2-3 hours for implementing: Website development, keyword research, content writing, research, research, research!!

This may not be realistic or doable for some or even me..... But writing down a list on what you want to accomplish that day surely helps!

Distractions are always tempting and always present; think or look at that image where you want to be in a given time.....

This allocation of time will change once I got the "hang of things". The training will be over but the learning will not!

Recent Comments


That's a great post my dear friend. Thanks for the follow.

I have something similar going on - some days it breaks down because I get carried away interacting and don't want to stop. Or I get caught up in researching and writing content. As I'm at the point where I want to contact potential affiliate programs I'm going to spend te next few days adding quality content and less time here with my WA colleagues.

I think flexibility is important - but I always plan the night before what my WA/website goals are for the next day. Then I know where to start once I'm made a pot of coffee.

Sounds good to me! There are times that I know I should be doing something different than to buried myself with the training.... One can get so very weary with information overload! I am a firm believer on one day at a time, one baby-step at a time woman :) !!

Thanks for the comment and follow! Bernie

Bernie, your plan will work for you when you have the discipline to follow it through. Even while I'm still working my full time job, my schedule for WA always stays the same to accomplish my goal to retire. Your plan will work, but it's a process to stay with it, and you will.

Thank you, Ricardo... I have to stay with it.... :)

I love the thought process here! This is pretty much my 2016 focus... time management and focus. Thanks for sharing!

Oh my...time mngmt is NOT my strong point. Thank you for the suggestions, they help. I don't get near 6hrs, but I can still use the tip. May we all get to where we aspire to be ( :

Great advice. It is surely temptin to keep following, reading and responding. In my experience, you should get the tasks that you find hardest out of the way first. As Bryan Tracy put it, eat that frog...do the thing you hate first and you will always feel like your day has been productive. :-)

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