Stop cheating yourself.

Last Update: May 02, 2017


The guys that started WA have been making money online for years. They know what they are doing. Listen when they talk to you.

They talk to you everyday, in every lesson, in every video and in every illustration. Many people fail in online business from lack of knowledge. Also because they don't follow instructions.

WA is the instruction and the knowledge to get a business started on the right track. The seven free days are for you to see that this is real and something you would like to do.


I see too many people come here for the knowledge and instruction and then get impatient and veer from the lessons (instructions), therefore give up the knowledge.

It's like building a put together toy. We tear it out of box and go at it. Then when we get lost and confused then grab the instructions. Why not lose the lost and confused part.

It amazes me that people pay for this program and then disregard the most important part of the program. The lessons.


I recently received a private email from a guy that has been here two months wondering why he was not showing up in Google or getting any traffic. My referral. So I asked, where are you in the lessons.

To which he responded, number one in the second ten. This guy has paid the $19 and then the $47. and told WA no thank you I don't need your help. Two months on his own. If that is so what are you doing here. To make it worse I advised him time and time again: follow the lessons.

The experienced marketers can not help you if you do not even know what you are asking. Questions like how do I make money here-how do I get traffic-how do I sell for Amazon. Really!


I urge each and every one of the new or not so new people that come here to start from lesson one then follow them step by step in the order they are presented. If you do not understand something ask.

Unless you'd rather not listen to the two guys that started this years ago and have been making money online for years. What do they know?

There aren't any short cuts, fast ways, easy ways to do this. I don't care how smart you are. Making money online is a learned skill and you have to put in the time and do the work.

This gives you the best chance to succeed online. There aren't any guarantees in life but following the lessons gets you in the game with a good chance to score.

I can almost guarantee you that if you do not follow the lessons you will miss many important steps, get lost, not make any money, get frustrated, blame WA for not working then quit.

Don't let that be you. Do one thing here. Do what the two smart, money making guys tell you to do. You can do it. It's your call. Are you in? Did I mention that you should follow the lessons.

Be patient and have some fun with it. You are embarking on an adventure that will change the rest of your life. And that ain't bad!

Stay with it and keep checking your inbox.

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SuzetteH Premium
Awesome as always my friend. One thing I think that new people have to understand also is, everyone here is here for the same reason. We are all here to learn,apply,and make money. It is a process.
1. You join for free
2. You follow the lessons and interact within the community. You check out the program, decided if this is an opportunity you want to pursue.
3. If after the 7day trial you decided this isn't for you, you leave with nothing out of pocket.
4. After 7days, you have a choice. No one has a gun to your head. You either stay as a free member or you upgrade to have full access of all the program has to offer. Period.

We have all went through this process.

I am with you. I don't understand why someone would pay the $19.00 for the first month, then $47.00 for the next month and not follow through with the awesome training the is provided. I am sorry but if you want me to take you by the hand and walk you through this step by step, you would be paying me a hell of a lot more than $47.00 a month!

It's one thing to ask a question or seek advice if you get stuck. Sometimes a different approach clicks better than others (at least for me) but the longer you're here, the easier it is to spot those who just don't want to go through the process like most of us have done.

Okay, rant is over, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I just may sleep better tonight! LOL.
Barryw1 Premium
I feel your exasperation often when I see what you describe. I write post like this first and foremost to help people stay on the path that will lead to success.

Another reason I write is so my head does not explode. I guess after people have been here a while trends are spotted. People that do not follow the lessons, put in the time and do the work get frustrated from lack of success then leave.

Now I do not have any proof of this but I would bet that they say WA does not work when in fact they should say I did not give it an honest try.

I think I will post your four step process on a custom sign up form. Thank you for your input Suzette as always right on target.

I really appreciate your input and hope you sleep well every night.

HealthyDiva Premium
Great post Barry and so very true.
I've only joined WA just over a week ago and have already learnt so much from the lessons here. Yes, Kyle and Carson definitely know what they are talking about and I intend to learn as much as I possibly can from them.
Barryw1 Premium
Sounds like a good plan. Best of everything.
AlFair Premium
You know, I'm not sure I've read anything here (and I'm new) that gives a more direct and from the heart message about the challenge of "making money online". Too often it is "sold" as the easy way, when in fact, it is difficult. There is no such thing as a free lunch! Whilst I've just started the 2nd course, I can already see the commitment needed to really make a success here. Well said Barry
Barryw1 Premium
If it was easy to do there wouldn't be any room for us. Yea, it's hard and requires a never give up attitude.

It's going to be next year no matter what happens. You may as well be a year down the road with making money online then not.

There is so much junk online about fast easy money people start to believe it and that has made many people rich.

Knowing what you know is most of the battle. You'll do well.

Thanks for reading it.
Barryw1 Premium
Remember what you just wrote when you start posting on your website. Tell the truth, be honest and you will do well.
GrantSudduth Premium
Amen! Barry! The same thing just gets my goat! They ask questions that they would learn in the lessons, but want it now! They want results now! They are still, whether they know it or not, running on the get rich quick mentality. If they would just step back, do the lessons, COMPLETELY, and not move on until fulfilling each and every task, they would be amazed six months down the road how far they have come and what they have accomplished. Sometimes I just don't understand.
Barryw1 Premium
It can be maddening at times. It's all here you just have to do it and have patience.

That get rich quick stuff has gotten to many people. Too bad. I appreciate your point if view. Thanks.
ShaneWelcher Premium
I know what they are trying to do with the social media thing and I agree that you might not make without it, the thing I struggle with is how to make good solid connections on social media.

I haven't made a facebook yet, a pinterest yet, really all I have is a twitter account and a google +.

What are some good suggestions?
Barryw1 Premium
When I started I did not have any Social Media accounts. I tried many of them and settled on three that I liked.

The key to Social Media is to get involved. You can't just post links and expect a return. You have to get involved in the discussions. Join groups, make connections.

You will get out of Social media exactly what you give. Give it some time, get active, use the ones you like and have fun with it.
ShaneWelcher Premium
Thank you Barry for helping build talent.
Barryw1 Premium
Contact me anytime for help.