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March 22, 2017
BEEN HERE SINCE JULY 2015.In that time I have built two websites. My latest is better than the first one. I am about to create another website. This one will be my best in every aspect, including income. I know this because of something Jay said.WISE WORDS FROM JAY.Last week at Jay's training called "10 Success Tips" he told all of us there that we know stuff. I never considered it before but he is correct, we know stuff. Being around other people at WA that know stuff, some more some less, we
February 02, 2017
IT'S LIVE CHAT, MAINLY.People are intentionally taunting me in the Live Chat. You know the ones. They just got here today or yesterday.Yea, they are the ones and they do it on purpose. Come to think about it it's aimed right at me. They know how sensitive I am, yet they persist.STOP TEASING ME.You know who you are. There's no cause to name names. This has been going on for months now and I am on the verge of of.....anyways I am close to the edge. So stop it. I can't take any more of it. Stop wh
January 02, 2017
FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGEDo you understand why programs that tout a "system" to succeed do not work? The kind that say do what I did and you will succeed. Because success can not be duplicated. You have to define and achieve your own success.That's why it's difficult for the leaders here to convey to us how to succeed. They can't. And it pains them that they can't. They want to but it's just not possible.If Kyle or Carson could wave a magic wand and grant all of us a successful business. they would.
September 18, 2016
IT'S ALL SMALL STUFF.When we first start at WA we tend to agonize over every little detail. I did. Is this niche good? Should my domain line up with my site name? Amazon has turned me down. Lions and tigers and bears oh my. We think, I AM SO UPSET! I'M BLOWING IT! I AM LOST! No, you are not. You're learning. That's why you came here. Calm down. You are suppose to be unsure.IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER MUCH.Even if we don't know it when we start, with dollars signs and Mercedes on our minds, what
August 28, 2016
TWO SMART GUYSThe guys that started WA have been making money online for years. They know what they are doing. Listen when they talk to you.They talk to you everyday, in every lesson, in every video and in every illustration. Many people fail in online business from lack of knowledge. Also because they don't follow instructions.WA is the instruction and the knowledge to get a business started on the right track. The seven free days are for you to see that this is real and something you would li
August 22, 2016
My referrals were pouring in. Every month I got plenty of them. My high month was 24 referrals. Referrals every day. You would think I would be fine with that. I wasn't.I was also getting some sales. Not as many as I thought I should be getting compared to the referrals, so I made some changes to fix it.I changed up my content to make sure the referrals I was getting would convert at a higher rate. Good plan. Let the fix begin.I worked hard to make the changes. Tweak this, change that, rewrite
August 17, 2016
You hear the question from new people all the time. Does Wealthy Affiliate work?It has for me. I followed the lessons step by step and after some time I started to get referrals, as many as 24 in one month. Then every month I got referrals.Some of these referrals have turned into sales and as I keep improving my site and base of know how it keeps getting better and better.I know I was excited when I got my first referral and then sales but now it's routine and I do not even remember themFollow
July 19, 2016
COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS.Here's what I hear in the discussion section from many people just arriving.Oh the horror. the tragedy, the humanity, the shame of it all. I read in discussion, I have been here two days, let me tell you everything that's wrong at Wealthy Affiliate. Got a minute?Well first of all nobody told me about the Gravatar Account. What, I have to give two comments to get one. By the way, when do we make money. There's more.How do they expect me to get this set up in se
April 26, 2016
When I first came to WA I had many, many questions. I asked those question when I could not find them myself from the question bar or other training on the WA site. Something strange happened.As I was looking for the answer to the question I had, I learned much more that I did not know. I learned things that I didn't even know that I did not know. It's like asking your parents for the definition to a word. We all remember what they said.Look it up. I didn't want to do the work. I wanted them t
April 07, 2016
I make it a habit to read a few web pages from new members of the Wealthy Affiliate community to offer advice. Most are not aware of this. To my surprise I saw quite a bit of my content, word for word, list for list, on a couple other websites within the community. Imagine my chagrin.My first though was that these unfortunate persons that did it must be inexperienced. If they were experienced they would know that there isn't a better way to kill search engine ranking than duplicate copy. I fel