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Last Update: September 03, 2012
I have used the build websites service to make a couple of websites. Someone recommended namecheap as a place to buy the site name, and that is where I went. It took quite a while for me to get to the stage where I do have a website of my own. I have used Hub Pages and squidoo and blogger to get online in the past. I also have used a service that came through having a Mac. That may have been even easier, but it is mainly for uploading pictures or videos and does not have as much that you can do with it. I still keep that for my offline shop website, but due to changes to icloud, I have had to find hosting elsewhere.
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Barry Wah Lee Premium
Thanks Labman and Shawn. I am having the odd spot of trouble with Wordpress. Did two through the Blue Collar way but they ended up not working, als\o I logged in through worpress on one of my WA set up sites and one is also mucked up there now too.
Labman Premium
Congratulations on getting started, Welcome to WA
Shawn Martin Premium
Glad you are here!