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Glad to have many people following me.You are starting to motivate me.At the moment I m getting value from a website sad to say that I paid some firmto set up.fThey badgered me.I did spend far too much on Facebook and Adword express on it,also a rediculous amount to a firm that did this website to domarketing of it for me.Lazy.But interesting.What works and what does not?>They got lots of hits on in incorrect keywords.Money wasted.Some categories are just not there on the systems out there.W
September 03, 2012
I have used the build websites service to make a couple of websites. Someone recommended namecheap as a place to buy the site name, and that is where I went. It took quite a while for me to get to the stage where I do have a website of my own. I have used Hub Pages and squidoo and blogger to get online in the past. I also have used a service that came through having a Mac. That may have been even easier, but it is mainly for uploading pictures or videos and does not have as much that you can do
September 10, 2011
Dear Blog Reader,  I rejoined WA because of a $2 promotion.  I have a more than full time participation in a business. Wah Lees This is an Emporium.  We sell various products.   Some health products like Fluoride Free Toothpaste I  can sell the one on the bottom from a 4Life health Products online      it is a place/site  I can advertise  most  places in the world.