To get a perfect website for my business, it may not be to get someone else to do it.

Last Update: February 27, 2016

Glad to have many people following me.

You are starting to motivate me.

At the moment I m getting value from a website sad to say that I paid some firm

to set up.f

They badgered me.

I did spend far too much on Facebook and Adword express on it,

also a rediculous amount to a firm that did this website to do

marketing of it for me.


But interesting.

What works and what does not?>

They got lots of hits on in incorrect keywords.

Money wasted.

Some categories are just not there on the systems out there.

Wasted words were, "Umbrella", and another was "Wallet"

we do sell paper wedding parasols, we

do sell Japanese paper wallets.

But neither umbrellas nor wallets would work.

Sadly I booked for a whole year,

so I cannot switch over for a while.

Things are being sold from a shop that I am in.

So not quite an affiliate.

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Pios2012 Premium
Just relax soon you will all get the necessary help you need.
Mac01 Premium
Glad to hear you're getting the motivation you need. Keep up the good work and best of luck with your online endeavours here at WA!