Is WA a MasterMind of sorts?

Last Update: September 12, 2016

So I have been working on a series of articles about mastermind groups and what is the definition and how they work and what are the benefits and I started to thinking.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Mastermind group?

You would join a Mastermind Because you wanted

Support: you have a group of other people to help you reach your goals.

Ideas: other members of your group are doing different things and reading different books and articles than you. They have different perspectives and can offer critical feedback as you flush out ideas for your business. You might be able just to take what's currently working best in their businesses and apply this to your business with great success.

Resources and connections: members of your mastermind group will know different people than you. We all know different people, and sometimes you just need an introduction to growing your business.

Partnerships: often you will find other business owners in your mastermind group in complementary businesses that you can work with to collectively grow.

Quick learning curve: members of your mastermind group will possess skills and ideas that may have taken them years to develop, and they can often share them with you in a matter of minutes. Life is too short to learn everything yourself.

Accountability: your mastermind group keeps you inspired and accountable, so you achieve your goals.

So chime in on the discussion and tell me your thoughts?

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CarlaWalker Premium
Great!!! I like it. It is what a master mind group does. They communicate, share, help one another to understand tasks, give opinions, directions and show someone how. They work as a team.
drjec Premium
I don't know if a group can be "a" mastermind, but it sure is a great resource for everything website, online business related.
shashe Premium
Sounds like we hit the jackpot here at Wealthy Affiliate! Great article. s
JudeP Premium
We are already in one here at WA! :)
CWhiteley Premium
Absolutely sounds like WA is a mastermind based on the above!