Humor Activates The Brain

Last Update: October 18, 2020
  • Humor as a Tool For More Effective Writing

When Bloggers include humor that is appropriate to their message readers brain is activates the reader's dopamine reward system. It also creates a sense of wonder according to research done by the Pew Foundation drawing in more readers than another competing blogs. It's not 100% effective, but if you want a fresh hook to attract and sustain you readers, "try it you'll like it"

  • Attention Spans We Are Told Are Shrinking More and More

    Sustaining your reader to finish your blog, so to read the options you recommend . We hear that In many cases shorter blogs get read. However, others suggest that the reader will want to keep reading because your style is breezy, and causes laughter, The Daily Show, or The Colbert Report exhibits higher attention on news than newspapers and CNN!

    Humor must be:

    Age Appropriate

    Culturally Sensitive

    And must not be:

    Forced humor

    Off-topic humor

    Too much humor

    In conclusion look for humor in calls to action around you. Do any of you remember, "That's not your Mother's Buick" I think that was a funny slogan.

    Take your funny bone out for a whirl. Not every time, It's an important tool in your toolbox.

    Happy Blogging to You

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    PHILMANC Premium
    Humour is a key writing tool but easy to get wrong.. on the other hand your humour is never going to appeal to everyone, and that is a good thing. People who are different get noticed. A great share, thanks Phil

    A horse walked into a bar and a couple by the bar said "I can't believe he got served before us..." Just to prove my point :(
    BarbaraMeye2 Premium
    Just one tool for more interesting writing. It is best to recognize its strengths in communicating. It’s not for everyone, yet we can recognize it’s merits.
    Linda103 Premium
    It;s so true, humour makes everything better and more interesting Barbara.
    JEaston Premium
    Yes that's very important. it's entertaining and funny, it helps more courage to oneself while do blogging.

    Keep it up and enjoy!

    Best regards,

    JeffreyBrown Premium
    Very good assessment, Barbara!

    Newme202 Premium
    I do agree wholeheartedly! Life is too stressed to not have humour injected at every opportunity