Changing Directions

Last Update: April 20, 2016

I have struggled a lot the last two weeks with my Money Making Website and have been barely moved forward, so I have decided, to Change Directions. I'm not saying I'm abandoning the Work Toward Freedom website, except for a short time, but my passions (one of the big four) leans toward helping people emotionally. My most favorite career other than maybe training horses and giving riding lessons, was as a substance abuse counselor.

When dealing with substance abuse, a person deals with the complete range of human emotions and difficulties and although, I'm no longer licensed, this is where I want to go with my new website.

I may be gone from WA for a few days as I focus on writing content, deciding on a website name, theme, etc. But, don't forget me, I'm still here and I'll be back.

Thanks to everyone for all your advice and trainings. There are so many choices for plugins and other aids and so many things I still don't know how to do, but I'm so far advanced from where I was a month ago! At least I have an idea of what I want in a theme!

For all new folks. Don't give up! What works for one, doesn't always work for another. You can do this, with the help of the wonderful community here at WA!

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annarella Premium
Hi Barbara,

I wish you all the best with your new site! I say follow your heart - ALWAYS!
You can never go wrong when you listen to your heart!

JauA Premium
Hi Barbara. Good luck and best wishes - you will succeed if you follow your passion. I made the same decision, followed what really interested me. When you follow your passion it shows through, and people can sense the sincerity. Regards, Jan
Swangirl Premium
We won't forget you Barbara! I hope you will be very happy with your new niche. It sounds like a great passion that will make it easy to stay motivated!
Keith10 Premium
In the words of a recent blog "follow your intuition"
Best Regards
Brandy-W Premium
Good luck!