MailChimp Email Subscription Giving My Physical Address?

Last Update: Jul 10, 2017


Hey guys! I was working on getting an email subscription set up for my blog and am using MailChimp. I was able to get it working on my site but when the double opt-in verification is complete the subscriber sees my physical home address! Yikes! Anyone have any idea on how I can remove that? I emailed Mailchimp about this but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. Thanks guys! Happy Monday!

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You can change it to a fake one but it's a breach of Mailchimp's (and most autoresponder's terms and conditions). If they catch you out, don't be surprised if they delete your list without any warning, especially if you are on a free tier.

What would you suggest I do? I live alone and feel it is very unsafe to have my personal home address listed. Do you have your home address listed as well?

I did originally, but then I rented a virtual address once I started earning, it's unlikely that anyone receiving your emails is going to realise that you've used your home address, unless you're doing a local site.

Okay thanks Rich. I live alone so I was just concerned. There are some scary people out there!

I completely understand, perhaps do what Marion has suggested below and edit your address to the bare bones, or modify it to look like an office address, ie. if you're at 10 Acacia Avenue, put Suite #6, Bailey Building, 10 Acacia Avenue, etc. etc.

thanks Rich for you help! I really appreciate it!!

You're most welcome! :)

You should be able to replace your exact address with something more generic. When I know my address is going to be seen I use "Adelaide 5165" instead of my suburb. It's perfectly legal as long as the postcode is correct.

So if I keep my zipcode correct, it's typically okay? Were you able change that on the MailChimp website? Under your address section? Or where should I do this?

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