Coming to the End of Week 3 - Progress

Last Update: Mar 16, 2017


As a part of finishing up Course 2, it's time for another blog post! I've been active on WA for 3 weeks now and wow I am just amazed.

I'm not a big social media person so facebook and twitter have never been my thing just because of the cliquey-ness and showing off stuff that I'm not so into. But seriously the WA community is just SO awesome. I never really thought that I would be so active as a social media person but I'm kind of obsessed with it here! I suppose Kyle and Carson did warn us about this ;). It's so nice to be able to ask questions and know that you're going to get like 4 answers in 10 minutes. What great people! It's really encouraged me to help out my fellow newbies to WA because I totally know what it's like starting out on Day 1. Stressful. Overwhelming. Exciting! Plus I love helping people when I can give an answer.

I am so happy I joined WA. So far I have: created a website (that is coming along!), bought my own domain, made several posts, played around with my menus and domain,s made pages, made categories, and learned SO many things I had no idea about! Plus I am an active social media person. Who knew!? Website creating is very labor intensive, but with the courses, its a breeze! I'm getting really excited to start adding more posts (recipes, how-to's, product reviews)!

In the beginning I was really worrying about doing everything right away so I would spend a ton of time researching how to do something to only realize that it totally covered in the next lesson! Learned that one the hard way a few times :).

I'm really excited to see how my website develops in Course 3. I am hoping to start affiliating with Amazon and other affiliate programs focusing on my baking niche.

Can't wait to see what next is in store! Hope all of you are enjoying this as much as I am!

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Well done,Bailey - onwards and upwards :-)

Great progress Bailey .. Cheers, William.

We have similar backgrounds & I applaud your accomplishments. Keep up the learning process & as I bet you'll attest to, it's a never ending process learning about affiliate marketing. To your success.

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