My Website: Since my first article in the paper

Last Update: June 17, 2014

My first article on hydrotherapy was published June 7th, it was pretty exciting! My next two articles are on Senior Fitness and Osteoporosis. I am only running one article a month, right now, just to test the water.

My website statistics have improved drastically! I am now averaging one visitor a day. I continue to build content and I am working on a page for senior fitness.

I have re-read most of my content, and I am thinking of deleting some of the "about me" articles, but I am hesitant because I think it paints a picture of who I am and when people are wanting to purchase something, they want to feel like they know you.

I have a lot of videos on my website and I think that is helping when I check my google ranking some of pages are on the first page of google search results, so I know that is in my favor.

I deleted some content that I no longer found relevant and I am trying to restructure some ideas.

I always appreciate feedback if you have time my website

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Paolomuzzo Premium
Hi, your site is looking good - well done, keep it up :)
Karyskis Premium
Your site is lookin' good. Keep up the good work.
Bill67 Premium
glad it is working for you are well on your way to success
IMN Premium
Your website looks great. Good going.
Timshazz Premium
Well done...I have just asked what comes next? I don't want to be just sitting back and waiting for things to happen I want to give them a helping hand. Good point about the video's ranking well. I think I need a few more on my sites.
baietti Premium
The videos are super helpful for getting on that first page of google, so I would highly encourage you to add some to your site. I appreciate your comment, I just keep re-looking and adjusting. I tweeked some pages today and was so thankful I didn't lose any of my videos, that has not been my luck in my past