Here we go again with Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: July 21, 2014

Today is a pretty exciting day, I finally have been approved with PeerFly! Obviously WA teaches you how to be successful using affiliate marketing so when you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle it is immensely frustrating!

I have had an awful experience in trying to gain approval with companies such as Amazon for my website; which may not be the case with most people here at WA, but I am so thankful that PeerFly is going to give me a chance, so if you have are having issues like I was you can read my other blogs about it and check out this company for help.

Paying to be an Affiliate or Amazon has rejected me

Best of Luck!

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DoubleTap Premium
Ey there Monica, I briefly checked out PeerFly... still not clear as to what all one can do there but I'll probably go back and read a little more in depth when I get a chance. Thank ya' for the info!!!
baietti Premium
PeerFly is an Affiliate marketing company, like Amazon, where you register your website with them(peerfly) and then you are allowed to promote products on your website, and hopefully earn money by reviewing them, as you go through WA training you will for sure learn all about this, best of luck
DoubleTap Premium
Thank ya', Monica.... I'll be checking it out a bit closer. I need a few more affiliates, PeerFly may work well for me!
Bill67 Premium
I will check it out thanks for the info
Paolomuzzo Premium
Hi Monica - well done for keeping going and not giving up - I haven't got this far yet so I have it to come :) Best of luck, Paul.