What posting on WA feels like!

Last Update: December 10, 2016

Hii WA guys!

It's common for all new bloggers, this feeling of excitement, pressure, and not knowing what to do nor where to start.
I mean, it would be really nice if there was a way or something to do that will make these guys feel better, little bit more confident!

Well, guess what??
It happened that two of the coolest blogging gurus ever figured it out.

Kyle & Carson, the gentle founders of this warm community made it possible through the mind-blowing feature of posting blogs within the community.

It may seem a simple idea, but it's quite influencing and efficient.
I don't know about you, but for me it felt like:"Hey, i never posted a blog before, why not trying this WA feature to know what it feels like.". once the blog is posted, some comments arrive, you interact with people and you're more like:"WOW, maybe being a blogger isn't that hard after all. Bang! no more talking.I'm giving it a try."
See? miraculous, isn't it. At least for me :p
And that's how it feels like when posting on WA. Still wondering why?
It's simple. All we need is a little push, a little try and some self confidence to act.
WA provides that and more.

Thanks Kyle & Carson for making lots of stuff possible.

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onmyownterms Premium
Great post.
AyoubT Premium
Good to know you liked it!
much encouraging indeed...thanks :))
off to write some more,