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So, I spent the last couple of days on Facebook. I was trying some strategies on how to market content and affiliate offers around groups and all. However all I got was very few leads, let us not talk about conversion!I did some thinking about why the results were that way, and i figured out the following:Sharing posts on Facebook for exposure is a waste of time. Actually, you can conclude that just by taking a tour around marketing groups and seeing if any other publisher is getting any intera
How to start affiliate marketing with no money is a question commonly asked by fresh affiliate marketers lacking resources to fund their businesses.It's normal as most of them are college students, stay at home mommies or generally people who don't have enough money for managing both of their offline and online lives.As an affiliate marketer, one of the first affiliate programs I've promoted is Wealthy Affiliate.And, yes, in case you're wondering, I joined for free, without paying a dime!!The t
The final phase of my WA review is out, It's about the premium membership, three phases together go beyond 7000 words!I mean, who ever thought I could go to such limits, I who struggeled long enough with writing what the teacher says!I always was the kind to understand and apply. No taking notes, no nothing.And now here I am with an endless review! LOLTell me what you think of it guys, all your opinions and feedback are very welcomed and m
The Second Phase of my WA Ultimate review is out! and it's over 2500 words!'s about the stater membership. Any feedback is very welcomed ;)It took a while, but i'm proude of it and really hope you guys find it even a bit convincing.Whenever i finish writing a piece of content it always feel like, here is it out now and i should start writing again!But these days i realized that success is something that we build and maintain every single da
I'm very happy and hope that i'm going on the right track,'ll start working on the second and third phases right away,While doing that i'm dying to know what you guys are thinking about what i have done so far,Thank you so much for dropping by, and i'll be very glad to return the favor!
While ago, a friend of mine suggested that we build an online store within a niche that is less competitive in our country.He found that i'm interested, so we took the idea seriously. The first thing we did was a little market research. We waved around looking for different niches until we stumbeled upon one unexpected surprise. Within the fitness niche, there were only two sites (talking abt my country ofc)!!We thought since that was a very successful niche with lots of products to promote, th
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Heey there WA fellows,It's my 9th day on the community, and i'm already feeling like it's been a decade!I'm not saying that making progress is taking lots of time or so, absolutly not!What i'm saying is that this wonderful community started to feel like a second home, and the great part about this situation is that we are the lucky ones who are making profit and living this extraordinary experience.Sometimes, while i'm hanging out around WA, i start wondering:" this great community was founded
December 10, 2016
Hii WA guys!It's common for all new bloggers, this feeling of excitement, pressure, and not knowing what to do nor where to start.I mean, it would be really nice if there was a way or something to do that will make these guys feel better, little bit more confident!Well, guess what??It happened that two of the coolest blogging gurus ever figured it out.Kyle & Carson, the gentle founders of this warm community made it possible through the mind-blowing feature of posting blogs within the commu
December 07, 2016
It's a common thing for all living creatures, they EXIST!We, people, are unique. That is simply because we can think . leave alone thinking about being(existing) , which is a subject only few of us dare to discuss even tho we all know that it's well worth even a little thought. WHY ?Before telling you guys what i think, i really would love to read what you have to say, after all we're a community and i wrote this little post to start a discussion so we all get to know a little about each ot